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I Want To Protest Proposition 8 Too But There Are So Many Stores And People To Boycott I’m Losing Track

Updated on September 12, 2011

When Proposition 8 in California passed I was as outraged as the next human being. (I specifically say "human being" instead of "gay" because at the core of it I honestly feel that this is a human issue and not one for the Christian right, Mormons or anyone else to change a constitution to state that it's purpose is to "deny rights" when I thought I was living in a country that protected all men - women too, who were supposed to be created equal under the eyes of the law.) But in true gay fashion, we love a cause and my inbox is simply more filled than my dance card would be if I was going to a dance that still had dance cards with everyone I know (gay and straight) telling me who donated what to the Prop 8 cause and why I should not shop at this stores or support them. I want to protest Proposition 8 too but there are so many people to boycott I'm losing track - Don't Get Me Started!

It's easy when it's just churches, we know these crazies oh too well so when they tell us we're going to hell, that God didn't create Adam and Steve (why anyone ever uses this I don't know, if he was really gay, we all know that this supposed Steve would go by Steven), or that we're the reason 9/11 happened it rolls off our back like water off a duck. But with this new brand of "putting the gays in their place" the players are not as easily spotted so that's why everyone I know wants everyone they know and more to know who the haters are but unfortunately in our current flurry of email communication and our rush to get info out I have to say that the gays aren't as organized as they usually are and that's what's really making us look bad. I mean, if we can't get our boycott list organized how are we going to keep the Schmidt's family members who aren't speaking away from one another as we plan their wedding?

The first email I got seems to be the most complete list but really it's just a list of which Mormons we're supposed to boycott because these companies are owned by Mormons and we all know how they "tithe" to the church and build one hell of a pantry for Armageddon but I ask you, look at this list...


> Kroger foods (Ralph's and Albertsons)

> NPS Pharmaceuticals

> American Express

> NuSkin

> Affiliated computer services

> Oil States International

> AES corp.

> Oakley

> Avista corp.


> Black and Decker

> Phelps Dodge Corp.

> Cadence Design

> Ryder Systems (Ryder trucks)

> Corvis

> Sky West Airlines

> Central Pacific Bank

> Swift Transportation

> 1-800-Contacts

> Cornerstone Realty Income Trust Inc.

> Cygnus Inc.

> Tropical Sportswear

> Diebold

> Williams Companies Inc.

> Dell Computer

> Zions Securities Corp

> Dionex

> K-BIG FM radio Los Angeles

> Downey Savings and Loan

> AgReserves lnc. (agriculture)

> EarthShell

> Sunrider Int'l.

> Franklin Covey

> Latham and Watkins

> Hillenbrand Industries

> Huntsman Chemical

> Headwaters Inc.

> Bain Capital

> Hollywood Entertainment (Hollywood video)

> Spectra

> Host Marriott (Marriott hotels and resorts)

> Jet Blue

> lomega

> Azul

> JP Realty

> Deloitte Touche

> Key Corp.

> Zions Securities Corp.

> Knight Transportation

> Bonneville comm.

> K-Swiss lnc.

> Telefonica Brasil

> La Quinta Properties (t-a Quinta hotels)

> Apx Alarm

> Micrel Semiconductor

> Micro General

> Merit Medical Systems

> Monaco Coach

> Microsemi Corp.

> Myriad Genetics

> Novell

> For further information including additional companies, names, titles

> and contact

> information:



The good news for me is that other than say, K-Swiss (I have one pair but I promise not to wear them anymore) I don't know who most of these companies are so I think I'm good to go. However I did find it funny that next to "Ryder Systems" they needed to clarify that it was Ryder Trucks. I'm assuming this is because there are so many gay porn stars with the name Ryder and they didn't want you to think you had to throw out your Ryder dildo system or something.

The thing is that I get it that we shouldn't provide these people with more money so that they can fund their hate programs but at some point it gets a little like Jews who won't buy a Mercedes because it was made by Germans. First of all, there were German Jews, second of all, the people running and profiting from Mercedes now weren't the ones who were running the company during the Holocaust. Meanwhile, I've seen plenty of Jews riding in a Mercedes. And while I hate to say this, many gays are trapped by their sense of fashion or trend. I remember when the Jeep Company discontinued their advertising on Ellen Degeneres' sitcom after her character "came out" (had they boycotted it because the show got less funny (which it did) then I would have understood but such was not the case). Meanwhile, the gay mags like The Advocate continued to take money for advertising Jeeps in their magazines complete with two waspy looking guys who had two golden retrievers and flannel shirts on, packing up for a weekend at their country home.

Our economy has enough problems right now and while I do understand that the quickest way to a hater's heart is through their pocketbook, I think what we really need to do is get on our education bandwagon. Remember when AIDS started and the gay community led in the education about it? Do you know how many educators are gay in this country? Do you know how many gays teach people what to wear, how to do their hair, and so on and so on? The one thing that most of the religious gang rely on are uneducated people following like sheep. It's just my opinion but I think where we can do the most good is educating people.

Did you know that civil unions do not give you all the same rights as marriage? Did you know that when I was with a company that gave my partner benefits that the money the company paid toward his benefits was considered "additional income" for me and I was taxed on it? Did you know that if two gays own a house together and one dies, the other must immediately pay inheritance tax on the deceased partner's portion of the house or risk losing the house? There's a lot even I don't know but it seems to me that rather than boycott we should educate because I want to protest Proposition 8 too but there are so many people to boycott I'm losing track - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 6 years ago from Las Vegas


      No surprise that you missed my point. As I stated in the hub, "it seems to me that rather than boycott we should educate."

      While I would prefer to not put money in the pockets of companies who directly contribute to laws that deprive American citizens of the rights that are guaranteed them in the Constitution, I understand we live in America where you can do, say and be in business all you want. I still have to right to voice my opinion too the last time I checked.

      And by the way, I don't have a one-sided definition of tolerance. In fact, I hate that word, I don't need or want you or anyone else to "tolerate" me, what I DEMAND is respect and the rights afforded all American citizens because as a tax paying American I should not be treated any differently than you due to some religious doctrines that should have nothing to do with the laws of this country we BOTH live in.

      So donate away and be proud that you live somewhere that you can give money to other people to do your hate bidding for you. Congratulations!

    • profile image

      Richard 6 years ago

      I'm a Mormon business owner, and I donated to the Proposition 8 campaign. You can add my business to the list of those you think should be boycotted - However, that means you and anyone else whose one-sided definition of tolerance would prevent people from exercising their religious beliefs from enjoying the opportunity to do business with a group of people who have conviction and stand up for what they believe in, a trait that also makes us good, honest business people.

    • profile image

      Sean 9 years ago

      i agree with your point of education. HRC sent me an email asking for a "commitment to love" which I took to mean: lead by example.

      Meanwhile, Steve *would* be Stephen wouldn't he ?

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 9 years ago from Las Vegas

      Mighty Mom, I couldn't agree with you more. And while I too believe misinformation is sooooo is a home perm! :) Thanks for reading.

    • Mighty Mom profile image

      Susan Reid 9 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

      Excellent hub, as always, SLIS. I must confess I didn't even recognize, let alone patronize most of these companies. But I can certainly do my online travel through travelocity rather than

      Totally agree that EDUCATION is the key. This ballot initiative was won based on ignorance and fear. I firmly believe that if rational people were shown what it really means to deny human rights to a segment of the human community, they would (or many would) change their vote. It's all about the word "Marriage" and I believe too many people incorrectly believe gays ARE covered legally through civil unions. Misinformation is soooooo dangerous!!!