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I Will be Honest

Updated on October 10, 2011

A Brave Truth

I was trying to figure out why I have been feeling as if I want to retire and go live in the mountains just meditating on the wonders of existence. Wait, if you are reading this and are a religious zealot, you may want to skip this hub. If you are a person that likes to get to know others for who they are, then I invite you to continue reading.

I was in my room sitting on my bed in the thinker's pose, lost in deep thought, wondering, how could this world be so disturbing. Sure, I know that I am not this body. I know that this world is temporary, and the kingdom of God is in us all. As, I was listening to the police sirens disturbing the tranquility of my thoughts, I began to wonder, why were we granted free will?

Yes, I know we (human beings) are created in the image of the great creator (God), and we have to choose to love this Being, this is the test of free will. I began to laugh in my mind, thinking, yeah, well if I was created in the image of the God of this world, both of us have issues and we should probably seek professional help. I was laughing in my mind, but in my heart I was disturbed by all the poverty, violence, greed, and suffering that there is on this planet as a whole.

I see the potential for a magnificent planet if the souls of this planet made a collective effort to change and practice a more universal love, one that extends to all living beings not just family and friends. Our human species is supposed to be the most advanced of the sentient creatures that roam this planet. As I was lost in thought I began to question, are we really intelligent as a people? We could find a way to fly to the moon, however, in the world that we live in over 4 million people starve to death a year. The research indicate the numbers are actually higher. Wow, I said to God, I do not know what is really going on in this world.

Ah, so here is the great truth. I now thinking, what would I do if I were the creator. Hmm, first, I hate to admit this, but it is true, I would reduce free will, my own included. I would take the Lust, Greed, Jealousy, Anger, Violence chip out of all species of life. There would be no pain, anxiety or suffering in the creation, only happiness and love. I would not dictate how one finds that happiness and love, I would help them on their path and never abandon my creations. There would be no death, living beings would be allowed to choose their own forms at will and do as they please. As for myself, I would sit on cloud nine just smiling knowing that no one is abusing their power, the minds of my creations reflect my nature and that is peaceful.

The whole creation would know that we are all family. there would be no money needed, I would provide all for everyone, so there is only happiness. There would be no need for guardian angels, or protectors. There would be no demonic destructive mentality in my creation.

I went back to the original question God why? If you God wanted to create us in a peaceful world and wanted it to stay that way, then it would be so. If God is all powerful and wanted all "good" in the creation it would be so. Why does God give us (me) this "gift" of free will knowing that the outcome we have now would result.

The conclusion is I like my version of creation better. No offense intended to anyone, but my vision suits me better. This is self realization, know who you are despite the dogma. As for going to live in the cave and meditate all day, sometimes I would prefer to go to the cave, but that would be the easy way out.

I wish you all well.

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This is where I want to be!Eternal lifeMan what a smileListen to the sound of musicOn The mountain top
This is where I want to be!
This is where I want to be!
Eternal life
Eternal life
Man what a smile
Man what a smile
Listen to the sound of music
Listen to the sound of music
On The mountain top
On The mountain top


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    • Rodric29 profile image

      Rodric Johnson 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      This is a thought provoking peace Darrell. As a parent, I sometimes want to limit and do limit my children from doing things so that they will not get hurt. I do it purely for selfish reason though. I love having my kids around and don't want to let them go and explore. I want them home with me.

      My son is turning 14 years, the oldest of seven. I do not want him to leave home and he is already making plans for it!

      I remember when he was little, how cute he was and now he is big husky dark deep voiced young man! I want that little boy back sometimes, but I choose to let go--well, and I have other kids to cry over.

      I feel your pathos on this one Brother!