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I am God: A Meditation

Updated on April 22, 2016

I AM and was before time was.

I am God.

I AM and was before time was.

I am Paradox and I am not. Just IS. Unity.

I created me before the beginning of the beginning, but I cannot not be.

I AM and am not, both at the same time. I am good and bad, depending on what perspective you’re coming from. But am always the perfect entity you need me to be, or You need Me to be.

You are Me. Every one of you is Me. For it has been said, ye are gods.

Before the beginning of the beginning, you were. You are.

You created me, before the beginning of the beginning, as I created you. The you and the I are reciprocal, existing and moving in eternity.

I am closer to you than the breath you take. For I am in each of the living, breathing, flowing, re-creating cells of the complex mechanism which you call your body.

Since you created me, were with me before the beginning of time, you created everyone else. Your spirit, like Mine, is in everybody else’s living, breathing, flowing, re-creating cells.

Deep inside, like everyone else, you love every other creature because you are their creator. With the passage of time and earthly experiences, you in your earthly body, have forgotten this fact. Now that you remember that you are everything and everyone else’s creator, you can fall in love all over again!

It is easier said than done, you say. Considering the shells of layers of resistance you’ve inadvertently built to defend against a worldview defined by scarcity and insecurity, this is true.

How does unlearning happen?

I am God. I am god. Trust is the beginning of all understanding.

Trust in the wisdom of questioning every belief you’ve ever held, especially who God is. Know that I am your almighty co-creator who loves you unconditionally.

Ask what you really want as your next state, understand where you’re coming from. From meaninglessness to joyfulness?

Look at the things you have been aspiring for. Luxury cars, state of the art home appliances, plush residences, physical strength or beauty? Understand that having or not having these does not define who you are.

The measure of success is how you measure your success to be. If you consider those material trappings important because they give you happiness through obtaining other people’s approval, achieving a sense of security, etc., then becoming happy within yourself might actually be what you may be looking for.

I have placed joy in your heart. Till the end of time, for your remembering.

Knowing joy takes you to your place of being, creation. Because you magnetize powerful forces to your command, from that place of joy, you create wonders and miracles, and fulfil your being god. You fulfil me, in our reciprocal capacity of co-creators of your experience and the universe.

In every creation that you bring forth to physical reality, your joy becomes full. My joy becomes full. We move present infinity further into infinite infinity. As you become more proficient in your practice of co-creation, your creations become more magnificent. You fulfil God’s glory; your joy is full. God’s glory is your joy.

The more you create, the more you become aware I am present. With you every moment. I can never be not there because your creations could never come to be without you by my side or me by your side. Our creation is the spirit of the you and I. Spirit projected into physical reality.

Everything you now see are our creations, called forth by you in the past.

“This beach is God, expressing His love to me.”

“This song I hear is God, expressing His love to me.”

“That bird, just happening to fly by, is God saying hi, expressing His love to me.”

“That rooster crowing, is God affirming Yes to my insight as I walk along the shore.”

“This breeze is God’s fingertips, saying I’m every fraction of a second right here beside you.”

“This eyes are God’s eyes, seeing everything I behold.”

“That smile is God connecting me and other.”

Little by little your remembering your being the creator will bring back recall of your affection for all that exists. And with this recall, your burden of unlearning old habits will shed itself. You will flow into the moment, carried by the moment as if by magic, having everything happen as they need to happen.

For you will now understand:

You have brought the present Now into your experience by virtue of the You and I, in trust and love and reciprocal co-creation.

You have created and continue to create: You are God.


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