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I am Shiva!

Updated on September 19, 2013

Quotes and messages; sky inside pot, Sathya sai instructs; Ramana!

I am represents the SELF!

This is the commencement of a chanting, Sathya Saibaba has taught his students and believers. He asked them to chant the beautiful and powerful words. Every one can chant this since this is the basic Truth of all individuals in the world. The chanting goes thus!

" I AM SHIVA, I AM GOD, I AM PEACE ITSELF, I AM LOVE, ANANDA, PURE BLISS WITHOUT END". He asked the audience to repeat these powerful chants everyday, conscious about the meaning, it conveys.

Unfortunately, today many of the spiritual aspirants consider their physical form as themselves. This is a fundamental illusion! How the finite, decaying body can be 'you? Saibaba has clarified that the bodies are water bubbles, subject to destruction at any moment. Bubbles are so feeble that a slight wind will burst the bubble. Though they are enchanting to look at initially reflecting the colors, in another moment it will burst. They have no inherent capacity or strength to retain the temporary form. It is only air enveloped by a thin film of water. Even if any one blows it, it will burst. Saibaba again remarked, "the mind is a mad monkey". How can we rely upon these feeble instruments.

The great saint Ramana Maharishi of South India has remarked that you are neither the body, nor the mind or the senses! You are the indestructible Self within. The Self has no birth or death. Bodies are born and eventually they die. But the Self or Atma within is Eternal existence, Knowledge and Bliss! The knowledge here is not a temporal one. It is supreme wisdom and the Bliss here connotes eternal Joy. Hence the Self within is repository of all these. The Self within one man is not different from the self within another. It is all one and the same! A small example! We have the sky everywhere. The sky is also in a big pot as well as in a small vessel. Once those vessels are broken, the sky within those limited vessels merge with the sky outside! What happened is that the vessels created a temporary illusion of parting of the sky. But the sky is absolutely unaffected since it is One only.

Likewise, the Self within Tom, Dick and Henry is One only. The bodies are temporary illusory things! Who has created the Self? None! It was ever existing! The sanskrit equivalent of this is known as "Swayambu". None can understand this! Bodies come and go but the Self remains as it is since the self is also the eternal witness!

Many posit number of theories about the origin of the universe or creation. Even rationalists has to accept the theory that some one or some power is the basis for all this. You go to a furniture show room. You see several beautiful furniture there. The man who has manufactured or assembled the furniture will not be there. Only the sales people are in the shop. Can you say, "None has made this since no body is seen". It is absurd. When there is a piece of furniture, there must be a carpenter who has made or assembled it for the shop! He need not be present in the show room!

Likewise, our senses aver about the creation. There must be some power who has created or enable everything to exist. In the case of cosmos and universe, the creator need not be of a specific person or form. The wind blows! Has the wind has a form? No. There is sky? Has sky has a specific form? No. We can term it as a vast, infinite, immeasurable! When the created elements like the air and sky does not exhibit a form, what is the necessity for a creator to have a form?

Form limits the existence. But God is infinite. He is not limited to the universe or creation. Though the universe gained its existence due to him, He transcends it. In the Bagawat Gita, Lord Krishna proclaims, "The Universe and created beings are a part of Me! Hence He pervade the universe as well as transcends it.

Leaving aside the form and name, every one is God! The name and form separates whereas the Self within unites every one! In the above paras we have seen the example of pots containing the sky. Pots create an illusion of separation. Likewise, our bodies gives the idea of separation from one another. We tend to consider ourselves identical with the perishable body. This is ignorance and illusion. To remove this fundamental ignorance, Sathya Saibaba has asked the people to aver their real Truth. Hence he asked the students, devotees and believers to chant every day 'I AM SHIVA, I AM GOD...... This assertion will one day make you to realize and understand your innate identity with God! This is termed as Self-Realization in the Eastern philosophy!

Before leaving the form (Sathya Sai), He told a gathering of people, "I am not Sathya Saibaba! Sathya Sai is the label or name given by parents and devotees. He proclaimed on that day, I AM I. Here the syllable "I" denotes the Self or God. Hence every one involuntarily talks with this emphasis without knowing the correct meaning. Every one of us commences a conversation by introducing themselves as "I am so and so coming from such and such place. Actually every one uses the term "I" or I am without knowing the correct connotation. I means God or the Self. Hence what Saibaba has taught us on the day is a powerful Truth containing all the philosophies about us!


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