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I am crazy enough to believe

Updated on February 8, 2012

Are you really forgiven?

The consequence of sin

Let me begin by saying that every one must either live as a friend of God or a friend of God’s enemy. Living for God, as a consequence of faith, obliges us to do nothing against him, but every thing for him and to him. Now we know that Romans 6:23 says, the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

But the very fact that we are searching for the consequence of sin after God has delivered, pardoned and forgiven us means that we have not yet come to understand the faith walk because faith worketh by love. An understanding of the grace of God, will dismiss the intention of our minds from clinging on to the consequences of sin and will help us to understand that have been forgiven.

After God has forgiven one of his son of a sinful experience, the eventual consequences of sin is not coming from God but from them who stand in judgment because of their failure to understand God's loving kindness.

They fail to see that the forgiveness of God is complete, even as the blood of Jesus covers the sin and the place of error, thereby placing that son into a place called, "New Beginnings". In essence, God is saying to his son, I have forgiven you, so get up, dust yourself off because I have given you an “8” day.

But the legalism of man stands up and says to the son after God has forgiven, delivered, pardoned and remitted his sin, “What gives him the right to return to the pulpit after he has committed adultery in the church? Or how can you forgive him after he has done this awful crime?

The answer to that is simple, we walk by faith and not by sight and if God has forgiven him, who am I to make judgment and force him to carry a cross the rest of his life? Who are we that we should force him to carry the consequence of his sin? Are we then regressed to the law where it is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth? Or do we suppose that Jesus should once again enter Calvary?

It is with the unmerciful heart of man with which the forgiven son has problems, not with the Most High God. After God has forgiven you, no one, nothing has the right to bring condemnation.

If there was case whereby a child came out of an adulteries affair, then because of the righteousness of God or the right-wise-ness and the love which worketh by faith, the forgiven one will of his own free will remain a father to the child, depending on certain circumstances.

These circumstances range from, is the mother married, does her husband takes full responsibility for the child and consider it uneasy to share fatherhood, and the list goes on.

Now I am in no way denying the rights of the legislature of the land and even in that we have seen how God will make a way and where we anticipated a lengthy sentence, God show favor to his righteous servant because forgiveness was sought and God remained gracious.

It is easy for us to say that if one is guilty he should bear the penalty for his sin, and in a practical, natural situation conducive to the law of the land, he should if he is found guilty. But we are not discussing sinners but the people of God who after committing an error and God has been faithful and gracious to forgive, they have now been commanded by their peers to make further reparation or else be "excommunicated".

We see a pattern of God's forgiveness in the Old Testament, how God had set up cities of Refuge so should in case an Israelite maimed or kill another by accident, then there was provision made for his safety within one of these cities.

The wages of Adam and Eve’s sin was spiritual and natural death. Jesus came to reverse the curse by his sacrifice so that man could be redeemed. Christians are the redeemed of the Lord.

Now just because your natural man responds slower than your spiritual man which reacts instantaneously, we should not be overcome by thoughts that nothing happened. But like healing of the body, wait for the manifestation for God gives over-all attention, naturally and physically.

So then, do you want to suffer from spiritual consequences after God has forgiven you?

I am just crazy enough to believe that when God says, “Loose him and let him go” he means just that. Therefore, I will rejoice in the Lord my Deliverer, for as Paul said, “Persecution and afflictions which came unto me at Antioch, at Iconium and at Lystra; what ever persecution I endured, out of them all the Lord has delivered me”

In conclusion;

a. God has provided remission of sin

b. God has provided spiritual cleansing

c. God always provide an “8” day

d. God does not expect you to carry your baggage into your “8” day

e. God’s forgiveness is complete

f. Jesus overcame death and destroyed Satan’s club, Hebrew 2:14-15, 1Cor.15: 20-28


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