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I Am on Purpose, and Have Purpose, as Do You!

Updated on July 23, 2022
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Our life stages are unique, Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

I am on Purpose, and Have Purpose

He Delights in You

How cool is it that mercy is the first attribute of God? I love a song verse from Bethel Music, "Mercy," that goes, "You Delight in showing mercy, mercy triumphs over judgment. My past embraced, my sin forgiven. I am blameless in your sight; my history is rewritten" I think, wow, It is a blessing to have someone love us this much!

This mere thought makes me want to share God's love because He saves by grace through faith alone. To boast of accomplishment or draw attention to self, I am stealing from the glory due to our God. Knowing His promises, I want others to know Him, and if the world is making His image cloudy in me, I must work on that. I may need some glass cleaner to clean up my act. Better yet, I don't want to act at all. But instead, be like His example; I get it on point, hoping to bring others to the cross.

To repent and believe in faith, we reconcile with God, and He bathes us in His amazing grace. His grace and mercy set us free as He pours unconditional love for all. This gift of grace and forgiveness doesn't afford an easy way out but one full of purpose. And though we lay the many burdens at the feet of the cross, we continue to mess up. While we remain flawed, we're in awe of God's eternal grace and mercy, making our mess a beautiful purpose!

Be confident that you are made beautiful for a purpose. Share your weaknesses and struggles as it's essential because God wants us to know, we have a teacher who delights in mercy; as long as we don't get it too twisted, He will use our purpose.

Don't give up! Get real and stop believing in others or judging the folks and the world. They are human, and the world has flaws; they also seek direction. However, anyone can become a vessel of His Spirit; therefore, keep your eyes and ears open. Become a life-learner, a seeker of truth and light, mindful that everyone has a specific purpose, everyone!

If we make that purpose our focus and keep our vision moving forward while learning from the past, we can build upon the foundation of God's grace and mercy.

Not to sound preachy, but the straightforward fact is that we are all made for a purpose. Accepting our differences while rooting in faith, we come to recognize the glory of an awesome God. We can't lose our focus significantly as malicious attempts distract us. Let's build up one another for a higher purpose and share that with the world.

Mercy ~ Amanda Cook

Oops I did it again

Oops I did It Again

My heart desires to share eloquent prose wanting desperately to present the thoughts and feelings spilling over in my mind. However, I can't deny the sea of atrocities in my presentation of the written word. This author is not blind to her use of redundancy, cliché, colloquialism, and, of course, the favorite run-on sentence. Attempting to correct, I fall deeper into the abyss of grammatical chaos; therein, my brain refuses correction, as I feel constraint limiting me in unconscious rebellion.

I write from the heart, wishing to flow my emotion onto the stark page that stares back, appearing not to care. What purity, it protests as I see the errors mounting. Am I losing? Slowly, I feel myself falling into the complacency of giving up, but I will not relent. The spirit whispers comfort to me, saying, "keep forging the barriers that block you." Seeing the correction tabs mounting, I must not be bothered by their bashing. Instead, I will do my best to move forward, and remain a constant learner of life and skill, as my writing is not for my glory.

I write purposely, hoping no offense comes from my obliteration of the written word. I witness in awe the prowess with which many place their innards to a page. I have the talents to speak and share the word with motivation; I lack the skill to take it from my lips, choreographing the dance of words before me. I realize I am not alone in this frustrating limitation, appreciating the commonality of a desire not to mess up. I choose not to offend with these limitations, yet I know I will, which saddens my heart, as it is assuredly not my intent.

Perhaps you might think as you read, "I wish she would put down her pen!" If so, you would be judging me, and I forgive you.

See, if we put down our pen, so to speak,(LOL— cliché.) We lose our inner voice, which tells us when one is too shy, afraid, or weak. Taking we aren't usually the ones that handle the view of another. Judging the spewing or presentation of thoughts is a tricky art. Where advice and education about ignorance are essential, it is not for everyone to participate. Helping requires a filter of high strength, armor, tact, and truth in love. Seeing something that concerns or bothers us, we are prone to give an opinion or, worse assumptive interpretation. Has this ever worked out? Well?

To assume makes a (you know what) out of you and me, so, break it down people, ass-u-me, (Oops- I —Did-It-Again, thanks, Brittany Spears.)

We are not summating what people think or say; we are here for so much more!

He makes all things New

You may be thinking, why would she post a Brittany Spears video? Does it make no sense? We are not in a relationship with our image! Giving things power over us causes a battle. The same stresses of relationships can cause spiritual temptation depending on the ideas or talents we attribute to our time.

We may not be the best; to some, you may be the least capable, but, in the eyes of God, you are precise, and right where He wants you, He is using your purpose. How you perform or complete your task is not as important as why you are doing it.

Are you trying to better yourself, help another person, or make the world less frightening? Maybe, you're, being yourself in a crazy world that tells you you're not good enough? Perhaps you go to bed alone and feel left out of the loop? Maybe you're human and trying to get through one more day.

I bet somewhere in this last paragraph, you found yourself. I know this because, under our skin, we are all pretty close to being the same. I know that within our frame is a heart beating, and blood runs through our veins. A heart, joyful or hurting, confused or together, happy or sad, young or old, the point is its beating.

I know where we're going, and it may be some time, but we need to collide with the reason for our beating hearts. It may not be for your purpose; it is much more important than whether you get it right or wrong. Could your beating heart be for a higher use? "I wanna be by your side so I can hear your beating heart next to mine." I want everyone to realize we are beating for a reason, far more magnificent than yourself, better than any accolade or material Band-Aid. Band-Aids fall off; we need something that sticks!

Beating Heart

You are not alone; you are on purpose and have meaning! Therefore, you need to use your breath, your voice. Right or wrong, speak, share, love, laugh, and focus on where you are going. What if you don’t know where you’re going? What if it ends up not being a long time? Are you ready? Maybe, think about loving the way God loves you unconditionally. I hope you know it is not about us, not the here and now; it is all about where we are going.

If you don’t already know, there is a God who loves you, wants you, and wants to collide with you. He is perfect in our imperfections. He is love in a lost world. He is pretty impressive, and I would love for you to get to know Him! He is right there next to you, reach out, and you will feel His beating heart.

Write because you have a voice; use it, or lose it! Remember, no matter what, you’re loved unconditionally, on purpose, and have meaning. If you can get out of the way, it could be amazing! You are not your mistakes; He makes all things new.



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