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I am the way and goal!

Updated on December 19, 2012

Saibababa blesses!

Every one has to reach their source!

Jesus Christ has uttered these ominous words. This is also the fundamental Truth.

When we ponder over our life, our achievements, our successes and failures, we become discontent. This is known as “Divine discontent”. Yes, we are subjected to discontent by a Divine decree. Every one of us undergoes such bouts of discontent periodically. We may be rich; we may hold some higher positions in profession. We may be famous amongst the peers. Yet, on some occasions, we are depressed and become discontent. There seems to be some ‘emptiness’ in spite of all our achievements in life. Many may feel that they are happy with their present status. No. This is pure deception. In the course of life, every man has to face the ups and downs of life. One may be a President and another may be a street beggar. They equally undergo discontent.

This is the ‘prop’ for us to inquire into our inner being. Some may neglect this promptings from within. Yes, once you are dejected or depressed, after some time, you will gain insight into the problem or gain at least a sublime peace. Agitations won’t help us. Leave it quiet for some time. The dust will settle on its own. Some times, we have to collect turbulent water full of dirt. The women folk knew how to clean it. They leave it for a while say four or five hours. The dust automatically settles in the bottom. Likewise, leave the feeling of discontent. Allow it to resolve itself.

We have seen that after a shower of rainfall, small rivulets starts and many such rivulets join together to form a small river. When the rainfall is continuous and heavy, we witness flood in the river. The river rushes towards all kinds of land surfaces, sandy beds, and rocky terrain but finally reach the Ocean. Till it reaches the Ocean, it had a unique name and taste. Once it merges in the ocean, it looses its individual identity, form, color and taste but acquire the taste of the ocean. Now you can not differentiate the river in the ocean water. Human life is similar. Now we are separate individuals. But by constant remembrance of our aim, we too gather momentum and ultimately one day we too will reach the infinite and merge in it. This is the purpose of our birth on earth.

As the water in the ocean surface is heated by the sun’s rays, it ascends in the form of air and become clouds in the sky. By the action of cool winds, it pours as rain on earth. The water once again reaches the ocean by becoming a river. This is the aim of human life too. He has got separated from the Divine, now he will search ways to become one with the Divine. All the scriptures of the various religions, saints , sages and prophets teach mankind this ultimate Truth of life.


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