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I saw a debate...The Christian and the athiest

Updated on April 5, 2016

Be a bridge

Who's right? Does it matter you may have just lost them.

I saw a "debate" here on Hubpages and the question posed was why Athiests can talk against God but get angry when Christians talk about God.

I think the initial question was well intended, as it always is, but these conversations will almost always go downhill immediately. The question itself, if you think about human nature, is posed in a way that is absolutely going to, consciously or subconsciously, be taken offensively.

When you start a question out by asking "why do you always....", no matter what the subject is, you are immediately going to put someone on the defense. Throw in a few well intentioned commenters, that agree with you, to add fuel to that flame and you have a massive fire fight that you never intended to start.

I promise to do my best not to judge again

I am not only Christian, I am a proud Christian. I am also a sinner and I am also often wrong, offensive and judgmental. You know why? Because I am human. I don't mean to be, I don't want to be. There are times when I say something and all the while I am telling myself to knock it off, but I don't. Then sometimes I do. We, Christians, are all in various stages of trying to be more Christ-like and failing daily.

Sometimes we open our mouths and say things or write things that we probably shouldn't then someone gets offended by it and tells us so and we get defensive and we fight back and in their eyes we have just proven their point and they swear off God again.

I mean is it worth it? I think we all know as Christians that we have to be careful when we are "defending" our Christianity. If you are saved, great, but isn't the point to show others why and not to chase them away with our "righteousness". Just something to think about.

Bring Joy
Bring Joy

Jesus died for your sins

Do you try to remember that you are also a sinner and not better than others?

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