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I was born on the cusp. Can I be two signs?

Updated on March 1, 2011

Can I be two signs?

Sooner or later, every astrologer gets this question.

The short answer is no.

The long answer is no, but this is not an uncommon misconception. In fact, some people are not the sign they believe they are at all. Each year, there is a slight difference in the times that the Sun progresses from one sign to another. This is one of the reasons that all good natal charts start with an accurate birth time.

I have had a client confidently tell me he knew that he was a Sagittarius, but when I drew the chart, he was, in fact, born in the last minutes of Scorpio. He protested until I showed him that he had Mars and Mercury in Sagitarius and that accounted for the elements of that fiery sign that he strongly identified with. But, with a few more questions, we discovered his energy was fixed and driven by emotionas - in other words, Scorpionic.


With modern computer programs and an accurate time of birth, any competent astrologer (or even an interested amateur) can pin point the correct Sun sign. I drew a chart last week that had a birthtime within five minutes of the change. The person was a Taurus who always believed she was a Gemini.

When I assured her she was, in fact, a Taurus, she protested that she had many Gemini traits.I directed her attention to Mercury and Mars, both in Gemini. This gave her many gifts of the twins, but her powerful will was all Taurus.

To create your own chart, go to one of the popular chart-drawing websites available for free on the web. Astrodientist is a very popular choice. It is found at

Create your profile. The software will calculate the longitude and latitude of your place of birth. Make sure you enter a correct birth time. Many people can find this information on their birth certificate. If not, people born in hospitals may be able to call their records department and request a records check. Family records may have the time as well.

Some people are forced to rely on family legend or fuzzy memories of older family members. If this is the case, a professional astrologer can use a process called chart rectification to determine the likely time of birth. This is a little tricky for the amateur since it involves understanding progressions as well as transiting triggers to the birth chart, but it is worth it if all other sources of learning the birth time have been exhausted.

The time of birth is very important because it tells the astrologer where the horizon was at the time of birth. This creates the houses of the natal chart which are used to determine which area of influence (money, love, career) are governed by which sign.

Once the correct time is entered, push the Create Chart button and the site will create your chart. There will be  a list of symbols. The first is a circle with a dot in it. That symbol is for your sun. After that, your sun sign is displayed. Your one and only sun sign.


The next symbol is a crescent. That is the location of the Moon at the time of your birth. Many people identify fully with their moon sign as opposed to the sun, depending on the relative strengths of the planets and their rulers. 

Particularly for people born while the Sun was in Pisces, the moon is often the more strongly expressed planet than the Sun sign. I'm an example of this phenomena, though I'm an Aries.

A lot of people who know me describe me as level-headed and persistent. Hardly two traits associated with an Aries Sun. But, they are merely encountering my Capricorn Moon. People who know me very well have seen my risk-taking, quick-tempered Aries side in action. This duality - the contrasts between the Sun and Moon signs - can be interpreted by people on the cusp as having two signs.

But, of course, I only have one. As do you.


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