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I was fortunate to have come under the influence of Sathya Saibaba!

Updated on September 6, 2013

The effect of Saibaba in my Life!

I never intended to write but somehow I am hooked up in hub pages. It has become a passion for me to keep posting on the hub pages at least one article a day. What I write is really not known to me. Only after I finish the article, I go through it. I have no plan or format to write about any subject. At the nick of the moment, things take place. It is like art work. Drawing a few lines on the canvass and converting it into an art piece.

Things fall in line automatically without my volition or effort. I just type what my mind dictates. May be, the mind may retrieve some deep philosophies I studied when I was a boy and youth. Somehow philosophy attracted me more than junk reading. There may be some prior connections! May be from the previous births, I had developed deep interest in philosophy, metaphysics and spirituality. It may also be due to deep sufferings I underwent in the younger days made me to search for truths about life.

I had none to fall back since each member of the family was undergoing the turbulence and turmoil in a daily dose. There were rare moments when peace existed in life. I won’t blame any since I am very much clear that I am reaping only what I have sown earlier in this and previous births. But patience and tolerance was missing during younger days. I wanted to get freedom from this suffocating turmoil. Somehow those sufferings in the family enabled me to realize many truths about life. I searched for peace everywhere but it was elusive.

It was really my good fortune that I came under the watchful eyes of Saibaba from the early days. I had great regard for Shirdi Saibaba and hence I used to turn to him for solving each and every problem I stumble upon. I was most indecisive and could not decide on anything. Deep rooted fears made me to search for some power who can rescue me from all this. Also I had many guilty feelings due to some bad habits that were prevalent among the youth.

Strangely I heard the name of Sathya Saibaba from a newspaper article. I surmised that Sathya Saibaba claimed himself as a reincarnation of Shirdi Saibaba who attained Mahasamadhi on 15 October 1918. Prior to that, he had indicated to some of his close devotees that he will come again after eight years and take birth in Madras Presidency.(At that time, Andhra Pradesh was part of Madras State). Due to my extreme fortune, I had met Sathya Saibaba on the holy Christmas day of December 1964 at Chennai. That day is still carved in my memory. From that day onwards, there was no turning back and Sathya Saibaba occupied my conscious till date.

Though initially, I had great obsession for seeing his Divine form, He made me to realize that ‘all forms are temporary even if it is adored by a Divine Being. I had three or four personal audience with Saibaba and he has told me certain intricate things that guided my life thereafter. I was fickle minded and impulsive and this was really a greatest obstruction in my life. Also I was a bookworm, though I used to select very good books on philosophy, lives of saints and sages, I had not applied them practically in life. Hence in the personal room, Saibaba cautioned me about the pitfalls of mere book knowledge. He knew for certain that I was always pouring through books without any practical application.

But the transformations He wanted in me took place in a very slow pace after many failures since I was never firm and steady in any aspects of life. In spite of my short comings, He embraced me in the soul and this alone enables me to pull on in life. Once he told me, “Be Happy!, I could not understand what he conveyed me through that command. After forty years, slowly I understand that ‘remaining happy is the act of ‘inner man’. I also understood that in spite of all the odds of life, one should remain happy since all these are passing clouds and they never affect us once we refuse to take them inside. We have no power to change the outer circumstances. We have no power to change people. Only thing which is possible for a man is “NOT TO REACT”. This one is definitely within every body’s capacity. Reactions and resistance alone causes all the troubles in human mind. Simply BE! Remain as a mute witness to the show of life. Do not evince any interest “how this is going to end?

By following the above golden rules, everyone can remain happy and peaceful in spite of the circumstances!

Shirdi and Sathya Saibabas, my mentors!


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