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Dedicating my soul to Satan! Journal entry: Day 1, The Beginning.

Updated on July 22, 2016

(I will be writing this journal as I myself progress through the teachings and practises of Satanism. I will try to write everything down. Every thing I read, learn or do regarding Satanism. In periods where no interesting things are happening or no new things are mastered/learned I will try to write and publish articles about Satanism’s background, symbolism and so on.)

Ancient depiction of Baphomet
Ancient depiction of Baphomet

Why do I do this.

Today I decided to become a spiritual Satanist and do everything necessary to give my life to Satan and strive for the godhead (as it is apparently called). When it is reached we transcend being human and we become gods. I started this because I saw an article of a converted Christian woman who said al these ridiculous and stupid things about Satan. She apparently was married to satan, had all these godlike and matrix-like powers and was used as a punching bag by a rival demon gang. After the beating her husband (Satan) came home and he didn't help her, so that's when she figured that Satan hated her. And she then decided to break free from his chains and become a woman of god. She also stated that werewolves and vampires and stuff like that is real. It was really one of the most retarded articles I ever read. Another thing was that rock musicians made a contract with Satan and that’s why many of them died when they turned 27. Because then their contract ended.

I have always been an Atheist and I have always been repelled by the thought of omnipotent beings and gods and everything spiritual and religious actually. But I did always think that the concept of Satan was pretty cool. I only knew about the Atheistic LaVeyan Satan philosophy (also the one followed by the "Church of Satan") and I have also read Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible when I was younger. But I never thought about Satan as an actual god-like being that created humans. So that's why I decided to be weird, and do an experiment to see if I could make myself a follower of spiritual Satanism. So I can see for myself if it is really true that I will have hot steaming sex with Satan, and if I can have guarding demons and practice witchcraft. I will perform all the rituals, the practises, I will follow the guidelines and learn everything there is to know. I will try to become enlightened and try to unlock the full extent of my powers. I will even practise witchcraft! Follow me on my dark and mystic journey!

Common portrayal of Satan as a red winged and horned demon.
Common portrayal of Satan as a red winged and horned demon.

My experiment

Again, I do this as an experiment. I’ve always been an atheist. I don’t believe in deities, higher entities and so on, but I do believe there are (supernatural) things that reach beyond our scientific comprehension (which I still believe are scientifically explainable, mankind just isn’t advanced enough yet). I want to see what spiritual Satanism can do for me, if I can feel it as a non-believer, if it can change things for me and really give me personal power and welfare.

Ankh, ancient Egyptian symbol representing the key to the soul and the Hearth Chakra.
Ankh, ancient Egyptian symbol representing the key to the soul and the Hearth Chakra.


It will be a long road, and I’ll have to start with learning basic meditation. I never did it before in my life. It seems like true spiritual Satanism is kinda interwoven with old and ancient far and middle Eastern religions. So meditation, chakra’s, aura’s and so on will probably be recurring themes in this journal. (Things I would’ve never considered before, but “hell” yeah, all for the glory of Satan! Pun intended.) So there will be a lot I have to learn. 25 years old, and never meditated in my life, this is probably going to take some patience.

Because of this, I’m not going straight to the first initiation ritual (Spoiler: it involves blood), but I’m going to practise basic meditation stuff, and read articles, works and everything I can find about this so I can prepare myself mentally to making this commitment. If after reading I decide it isn’t for me, then I won’t do it. But seeing as this article is here, and you are reading it, it seems like I went through with it… Haha.

Chakra's. Each chakra represents a different color in the spectrum of light.
Chakra's. Each chakra represents a different color in the spectrum of light.

Starting out

So what I will be doing (trying) today is “Yogic breathing basics”, “Void Meditation”, “Foundation Meditation” and “Aura cleansing”. They are supposed to help me meditate and amplify my willpower/chi. I will also try the “EZ chakra spin” which is a method to open up my chakra’s. I don’t entirely know what it does or why I should do it, but it seems important.

The breathing basics are actually very simple, I just have to stand, breath in through my nose, push out my abdominal muscles and fill the bottom of my lungs, then the middle and then the top. I then have to exhale in reverse order. This process has to be repeated 5 times.

The Void meditation is what most people actually know as meditation. So clearing the mind of any unwanted thoughts.

Foundation meditation is a sort of meditation where you learn to absorb energy, I’ll have to try it to really know the deal.

For the aura cleansing I just have to visualise a bright light around me and hold it for a minute or something.

The EZ chakra spin makes me visualize my chakra’s (some sort of parts of my body) as pyramids and I have to visualize in spinning them around.

Reports will follow in my next post!

Sigil of Azazel. It has the same shape as the hearth or "Yoni" chakra. It is also the 4th and middle Chakra.
Sigil of Azazel. It has the same shape as the hearth or "Yoni" chakra. It is also the 4th and middle Chakra.

Day 1 conclusion

Since this is all new to me, I don't know half of all the things I read today (a lot!), so a lot of additional research is necessary. The most important thing I learned however, is that Satanism isn't as dark and "evil" as the church and the media make it appear. What I read and saw was that it's all about awakening your inner powers, using the full capacity of your brain, becoming happy, learning to practise witchcraft, white magic and so on. I do have to mention there is a darker side to all of this, called "Black Magic" or "Black Magick". This supposedly is witchcraft using black or grey energy, to bestow negative aspects onto others. Even death! In due time, I will be able to learn how to perform a death spell using grey energy to kill someone. Not that I will use it, rest assured, but I only wanted to mention how far it can go.

I will be working on the basic exercises today! If you have any questions, tips or you just want to follow this journal, make sure to follow me here on Hubpages, and ask questions and give tips in the comments or through a personal message if you wish!

So you think it is dangerous to venture deep into the realms of spiritual satanism?

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Did you know?

There is a people in Iraq called the Yezidi that have been worshipping Satan since the 12th century. With them we can find the origins of the Al Jilwah, the most important doctrine in spiritual Satanism. It was dictated to Yezidi prophet Sheik Adi. They refer to Satan as Melek Ta'us because they are forbidden to speak the name Shaitan or Satan. More information about this mysterious people and their beliefs comes up in one of my upcoming hubs! So stay tuned!

The center tower of the 7 towers of Satan is located here on Mt. Lalish in Iraq. More information about this in my upcoming hubs!


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