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I will manifest myself in each age to uphold righteousness!

Updated on October 23, 2011

The mysterious incarnation!

It was during the historic "Kurukshethra War" during the period of "Mahabaratha", Lord Krishna has illumined the warrior Arjuna on the truth of incarnations of God in every age. Sri Krishna told Arjuna, "Whenever 'righteousness declines in the world, I manifest myself in an appropriate form to restore righteousness in the hearts of people. In all the previous ages, the promise was kept up. During the incarnation of Rama and Krishna, certain specific individuals possessed demonic qualities. They plotted against the virtuous and inflicted endless misery on the peace loving people. Hence God has to manifest to slay those demons and restore righteousness in human society. In fact, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammad too were such manifestations but during their period, society needed correction to a great extent and by their teachings and by their own life, they gathered many followers who propagated their teachings in society. Miracles are part of the glory of incarnations. Hence it is natural for them to give sight to the blind, to make the dumb to speak and enable the lame to walk. Jesus has raised the dead as though from slumber. He could distribute to the entire gathering of more than 5000 people with few pieces of fish and few loaves of bread. Sri Rama slayed many demons and killed Ravana and Kumbakarna and the warriors of the demon kingdom. Thus he restored peace in the hermitages in deep jungle. Sri Krishna too killed many a demons sent to kill him. His maternal uncle Kamsa has sent many emissaries in the form of demons to kill him. He killed the great king Kamsa in single combat. He restored the kingdom to his parents who were put in prison by Kamsa. The greatest glory of Krishna is the celestial song "Bagawat Gita' which contain the philosophy of Life on earth, the role of man and God. He emphasized that Duty is the foremost. That duty has to be performed without any expectation of the results. He told Arjuna, "Fight, keeping Me in mind" Fight since it is your duty as a warrior. Fight for righteousness. The teachings are relevant to the present day world also. The teachings hold good for all the people, every society and all regions of the world. Hence even after 5000 years, the immortal teachings of Bagawat Gita is available to us for study. He said, "In every age, I will incarnate to restore righteousness. True to His promise, the incarnations of Saibaba took place and the incarnation has averted the great crisis that was hanging above to submerge the entire humanity. The great catastrophe is in the form of 'stock piling of nuclear weapons by many countries. We have witnessed the havoc played by the Atom bombs in eliminating "Hiroshima and Nagasaki". If such a situation happens again, none of us will be here to write the hubs.

Sathya Saibaba has shown a way to humanity by his own life. He said, "My Life is My message". He proved practically to humanity that "Service is the foremost duty of mankind". We have to share our resources with the poor destitute. We can contribute "Food, medicine, clothing etc. We can educate a few if we are talented enough. There are millions of people all over the world who do not get one meal a day. Hence Saibaba Organizations conduct "Narayana Seva"(Food for the poor) every week in many places all over the globe. They conduct medical camps every week for the poor who can not afford treatment. Free classes are conducted for the poor children to enable them to take care of their needs in society. Free cloths, blankets and beds. Only thing is that these service projects are undertaken without any fanfare or publicity. Only the Sai Organisation members are aware of the program and the people who are benefited by the service. Saibaba often says, "Hands that help are holier than the lips that pray". He has provided two Super specialty Hospitals to cater to the needs of poor and illiterate. All treatments are provided Free of Cost. The main feature of Sai Hospital is that there is no "Billing Section" in his hospitals. All costs are met through by Sathya Sai Trust. When Saibaba decided to provide drinking water to many towns, villages and to a big city, He even pledged the properties of the trust to get loan from the Banks to complete those projects. In fact, "No government was involved in those Projects and Government could not undertake such monumental Projects. Saibaba has provided them where the Government failed. Sathya Sai University gives Free education to all candidates from KG to Post graduate classes. No fee is charged by the University! Even the richest countries have not tried such Free healthcare and education concepts any where in the world. The construction of about three lakh square feet of hospital building was completed within five and half MONTHS! It would have taken minimum five to seven years to complete such projects in big countries. But in a remote village, everything was completed within five and half months. This could be possible only for Saibaba. He has said, What I will materializes. He was Pure, Selfless and Loving All. Rest in next hub!

The Avatar Krishna in Sai.


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