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I write when I am inspired!

Updated on October 28, 2011

Inspiration prompts!

Several times, i thought to post a hub but could not do so. I will be simply blinking at the monitor. Sometimes, i start posting effortlessly. I was perplexed. Why it is so? After deeply pondering over the reasons, i realize that it is inspiration which prompts me to post. In a way, i do not plan to post or choose a topic before hand. Every thing happens at the spur of the moment. One thing i noticed is "When i am full of worldly thoughts or Ego, no inspiration seems to come". But when I am empty of any thoughts or resolutions, things takes place effortlessly. I feel that, this is the common factor for all those who post hubs or post in a blog site. People may think, "why I always revolve around "Saibaba"? Yes, this is a pertinent question. I am in a way obsessed with Saibaba and His teachings. Even if i post in some other forum, the topic would evolve around Saibaba and teachings. In this way, i remember Him and keep him in my memory. Secondly sweet meat should not be taken alone. It should be shared with all. Hence I share all the good I derived from Saibaba and His immortal teachings. I feel that there must be a deep connection between me and Saibaba not in this birth alone, It should be the connection from many previous births! Here you may doubt my sanity since Saibaba is recent phenomenon. No. In this particular form he has lived from 1926 to 2011. But in the previous birth, He lived as Saibaba of Shirdi(1835-1918). It is my presumption that i might have had the chance to be in the presence of Shirdi Baba also. Otherwise, i could not explain the strange attraction I had for Saibaba and some times it may be lying dormant but other times it was showing. There should be a reason behind for all this but i am absolutely unaware of my past. Even during the Shirdi Baba days, Saibaba used to tell the devotees "Only those whom I call can come into my presence". This call is not external. It is internal "soul to soul communication". Hence when the time is ripe, the devotee who may be staying far away is attracted to the presence of Saibaba. It is a mystery of sort and I too was made to come to His presence when he adored a new name as "Sathya Sai Baba. Here "Sathya" literally mean "Truth". Yes, He is a TRUE manifestation of Supreme who descended to the earth to uplift humanity from the deep delusions. He may use many ways and each will be dealt in a seperate way as suitable for the soul's evolution. He only is aware at what stage the individual soul is at present. Hence his treatment will differ from the way he treats others. We have noticed that Doctors do not prescribe the same medicine to his patients when many of them suffer from fever. The fever might have been caused due to several reasons and hence his treatment and prescriptions differ from patient to patient. Likewise, the Avatar deal with each soul differently. It won't be identical. Now reverting back to our discussion, I do not know how inspiration comes. I do not keep notes nor i refer anything while i type the hub. It flows through inspiration and i just type it as it flows from the inspiration. But if i plan to type some thing, i will not be able to type even few lines continuously but typing the hub takes place more spontaneously without any effort from my own volition. Ideas are formed and flow through without any hindrance. Hence I pray God to utilize me to write His Teachings and for that task i should keep myself empty of all preconcepts and prejudices. Rest in next hub.

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