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I Can Tell Your Future

Updated on January 27, 2012

100% Guarantee

I hope you are sitting down because I am about to predict your future with 100% accuracy. YOU are going to DIE! How soon? That’s a matter of opinion. How long has the universe been around? Billions of years? How long have men been walking upright? Thousands of years? Got your attention now?

Instead of thinking that you are the most important thing in the world, why don’t you consider detaching from your life for a moment? I’m not talking suicide. What does that really do, except keep you from reading on? I’m talking about detaching from the hub bub and the “OMG”s it ten and I haven’t done a THING today” attitude that too many people live with.

This morning I was driving down a really pretty road with the sun coming up in to my eyes. I was completely in to the driving experience and I was going slower than the speed limit. I was brought out of my bliss for as long as it took to notice a crazy man in my rear view mirror, who was obviously all about saving the world from serenity. Horn honk, finger salute and head shake later, he pulled ahead of me. I looked closely as he whizzed past. He wasn’t wearing a batman suit or a superman cape, but he was wearing a scowl given to him as an “I love you” present from his girl friend who had had caught him cheating with her husband. That’s not PC. Maybe his pants were on fire, or he had to go potty.

In any event, I felt glad that this hero was out saving the universe, so I didn’t have to. I blessed Dr. Me with a prayer and gratefully told HP that I was appreciative of not being part of the race to the grave.

What’s the relationship of this story to detachment? How about taking a deep breath when the day gets ahead of you? How about remembering that your behavior is your best attempt to get you what you want at a certain time. AHA! “The madder I get the more my blood pressure goes up. The more it goes up, the better a chance of a stroke. Theeeennnn….. I can let someone else save the world.

I was at the cemetery the other morning doing some interviews for a hub about quiet rest. Every dead guy I contacted had the same response when I asked him if all the extra hours at work were worthwhile. Funny thing about dead guys, they either speak too softly for me to hear, or my hearing is off. Thus I didn’t get any good quotes.

I did get some good inspiration though. One headstone read 1889. Another one read 1913. Another AHA moment. Work and fuss and get crazy while you are alive, because once you’re dead, you can sleep all you want.

That makes good sense to me. Problem is that I like birds. I like my kid’s singing. I like beer and my wife’s kiss. I like the uncertainty of not knowing what the weather will be like when I wake up, or if I take a wrong turn, will I see some new vision of the world?

Do what you want. I’d rather enjoy life right now than count on enjoying it tomorrow. Been there and done that, for 34 years in classrooms and jobs. OMG! I have to run! I have a date with my BFF- her name is Life.

Dream big dreams and you’ll see big miracles.


he's got the whole world in his hands

Why are you in a hurry? How do you detach?

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    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 

      6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Yep, some of us need constant reminding to stop and smell the flowers, or, whatever else it is that we are supposed to be smelling.

      Thanks for the reminder! Voted up and useful.

    • YvetteParker profile image


      6 years ago from AUGUSTA, GA

      Very beautifully done! Thanks for reminding us of what's really important in life. Voted UP.


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