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If I Were Judas

Updated on November 6, 2017
Photo by marcusrg
Photo by marcusrg | Source

I feel bad for Judas. Yeah, the guy messed up pretty big. No matter what, you never double cross your friends, especially if your friend is the son of God.

Anyway, he decided to sell out Jesus for his own good. He took it upon himself to sell out his friend, his leader, the son of God. Judas will forever be the backstabber, double-crosser, etc. for what he did to Jesus.

Now, why did God punish him? Should have Judas been punished? Why didn’t God have any mercy on Judas? After all, isn’t God the master planner of the Universe? He knows the past, the present, and the future, right? That means that God had to know that Judas was going to betray Jesus.

If that’s the case, why didn’t God have mercy on him? If it wasn’t for Judas, God’s master plan to sacrifice his own child for our sins would have never happened! Would that mean that Judas was just a chess piece?

If it wasn’t for Judas's selfish acts, Jesus would have never been sacrificed, right? Oh yeah, I know, God would have found another way, right? Well, God did not find another way. Judas was picked to back-stab Jesus in order for the son of God to be crucified, and God’s agenda would carry on for whatever purpose. Is Judas a victim within the divine plan like all other huge sinners that are not forgiven by God?

After the fact, Judas hung himself for his great sin for betraying the son of God. Is that not enough punishment for Judas? God was going to sacrifice his son anyway, so why condemn a soul, Judas, to Hell for something that was already planned (the divine plan remember).

I agree that Judas committed something terrible. The principle behind his sin was just wrong, but to condemn him the way God did is too much. After all, Judas just fulfilled a part in the divine plan that God has for us, right?

This is just a though that crosses my head every time the divine plan is brought up and how God knows all. I don’t believe in it, really. I believe we control our lives, to a certain extent of course. Sometimes, outside forces are too much for us to control, but that is another tangent to argue about.

You see, when people throw the divine plan at me, I always try to find ways to prove that it is faulty. Why would God have acts of evil in his divine plan, and then punish those who act evil within it? After all, that evil that exist in the divine plan is already planned by God! Or is it not?

I think that God in his divine plan, regarding Judas, proves that God is cruel. Not only did he sacrifice his own son for our sins, but he sacrificed a soul to Hell just for his own plans.

I could go on forever with this, and I know people out there have answers for this dilemma that I have regarding the divine plan. In the end, I just want to express myself, and, if I offend anyone, remember, it's God's divine plan in which I was meant to offend people who are reading this.

One last note, if I were Judas, I would become the greatest general that Hell would ever have for being betrayed by God, because, according to this divine plan thing, Judas was just following his orders, God's orders.


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