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Updated on July 7, 2016

I say unto you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little. And He said to her, “Your sins are forgiven.” And they that sat to eat with Him began to say within themselves, “Who is this that forgives sins also?” And He said to the woman, “Your faith has saved thee; go in peace.” Luke 7: 47-50

I write unto you, little children, because your sins are forgiven for His (Jesus) name’s sake.

1 John 2: 12











True freedom for me is living with peace of mind of knowing that I am FORGIVEN. I write for all those folks who think life is over because of your past. No, it’s not!

I love the Bible. The stories of people who lived thousands of years before are so relatable to. The old saying, “There is nothing new under the sun,” is true. We have the history of imperfect folks who lived, and made horrible decisions. We have the benefit of people who did extraordinary things, both good and bad. Yet they loved the Lord. They were torn apart by their lifestyles and choices, turned to the Lord in their emptiness and sorrow, and were forgiven.

This woman in Luke is just one of the examples I will use in this book. I focus on her first, because I can relate to her coming to the master at what may have been her last attempt to find acceptance. This is how I see this woman of Bethany.

Jesus was surrounded by people needing a word from Him, a touch, and a look from the Master that was not condemning. He had been teaching and healing all day. He was also surrounded by people who were just waiting for the opportunity to prove him a fraud. One of the men asked Jesus to come to his home. I don’t know if his particular motive was to trick Jesus or if he really wanted to understand who Jesus was. Anyway, Jesus went. As they were eating and talking the dinner was interrupted by this woman. This woman either knew Simon, whose home they were in, or she was desperate, and didn’t care what the consequences would be.

Now the Bible describes her as a sinner. She was a sinner with an expensive gift, wrapped in an expensive container. She was a woman who was looked at with disdain; who the men sitting with Jesus apparently knew. She was a woman who none of them wanted to be touched by her – at least in the presence of others. She was a woman wounded and hurting. And as she stood behind Jesus, she felt the presence of majesty, the presence of pure love that wanted nothing from her. I imagine she felt so humbled by His goodness, that no words could have ever expressed what she was feeling. So her tears fell freely to his feet, and she knelt to dry them, but the tears continued to fall. I think she realized His holiness, when her hair touched His feet. She knew there was nothing within her to give, so she brought to him her best; her heart and a expensive oil in an alabaster box. As she cried, remembering her sins, realizing her weaknesses and unworthiness, she washed the feet of Jesus with the oil, and she had no towel, so she used her hair to dry His feet of her tears and the oil.

I don’t know what she expected. Before Jesus even spoke the words, “Your sins are forgiven,” I believe she knew within her heart that she was clean. Jesus acknowledged that her sins were many, but she was still forgiven.

In Simon’s mind, he judged Jesus as a fraud for not knowing what kind of woman this was. He condemned Jesus for letting such a woman touch Him, and condemned the woman too. The men were too were afraid to speak their mind. But Jesus, knowing what they all were thinking directed a story to Simon. The story spoke of a creditor who loaned money to two people, one man he loaned a great deal of money (say $50,000.), the other ($50.). But when neither could repay, the creditor released them both from paying it back. Which person was most grateful? Simon said, “I suppose the one who owed the most.” Jesus told him he was right. Then he pointed out that when they entered Simon’s home, the simple and usual courtesy of offering water for foot washing was not extended to him. But this woman, both washed his feet with her tears, but kissed them also. Simon offered no oil for His head (a common practice), but this woman used a most expensive oil to anoint His feet. Jesus recognized her love in her action and compared it with Simon’s. Jesus acknowledged that He knew her sins were many and she was forgiven.

Our sins are many, but Jesus longs to forgive. Only we can allow that to happen by coming to Him in complete honesty. This woman didn’t change before she came, she just came. This woman didn’t wait to put on her church face of pretending all was alright, she came in her desperation. This woman didn’t wait until all the ‘Respectable’ folks had left, but she came right in the midst of them to see Jesus for herself. This woman let all the built up life needs show through unending tears at the feet of Jesus. And Jesus tells her, “Your faith has saved you, go in peace.”

Are you longing for peace? You can have it! (John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you.) Have you felt like your faith is so small it doesn’t even count anymore? That’s a lie! (Matthew 9:23 Jesus said to him, “If you believe, all things are possible to you). Do you feel like you can never be clean or forgiven? (John 15: 3 Jesus say’s that because of My Words you are clean).

As you read this, please realize that your sin is no worse than any other forgiven person. It may be hard for you to see how Almighty God could possibly love you, but He does. He see’s you as he created you – with purpose.

Springs of Living Water ~~ Hymn ~John W. Peterson

I thirsted in the barren land of sin and shame, And nothing satisfying there I found; But to the blessed cross of Christ one day I came, Where springs of living water did abound.

How sweet the living water from the hills of God, It makes me glad and happy all the way. Now glory, grace and blessings mark the path I've trod, I'm shouting

"Hallelujah" every day.

O sinner, won't you come today to Calvary, A fountain there is flowing deep and wide; The Savior now invites you to the water free, where thirsting spirits can be satisfied.

Drinking at the springs of living water, Happy now am I, My soul they satisfy;
Drinking at the springs of living water, O wonderful and bountiful supply.


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    • Carrie Mucha profile image

      Carrie Mucha 

      7 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      Hello, I love your post. Great story and what a great remembrance of God's forgiveness.


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