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In Chains (Poem)

Updated on September 20, 2013

I am in chains to Jesus

Yet, I am completely free,

His yoke is easy

Where He is there is liberty,

Though I am bound to

Obey His holy will,

It is a place where I can rest and

Learn to be still,

I am chained to His heart

Without Him I have no peace,

His love draws me closer and

His love will never cease,

Why should I attempt to

Break these chains?

To seek my own established way

I reason, nay, I am in chains, and

In chains I will stay,

When without these chains

I was in bondage for real,

What a paradox, huh!

That’s the truth I can’t conceal,

I am in chains to Jesus

Yet, I am truly free!

I am bound by His love

Displayed for all at Calvary.


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