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Updated on October 28, 2012



Elderfuthark Rune INGUZ


Alternative Names

Ing; Epel; Ingwaz; Enguz; Iggws.

Key Phrase

‘Live in the moment.’


Ing the Fertility God (also known as Freyr)

Viking Rune Equivalent

Fertility. The god Ing.

Divinatory Meaning

The Fire Within



Tarot Card Equivalent

The Empress - 3 - III

Corresponding Letters

N, G

Associated Colour


Associated Herb


Associated Gemstone


Associated Tree


Associated Myths and Deities

Ing, Nerthus, Thor, the Vanir.

Sacred to Frey and consort of Freya.

Manifestation Uses

For fertility of the land and farming. For general health and balance. To stimulate growth. For a gradual change or adherence to responsibilities.

Relationship Interpretation

Parenthood, unity, co-operation, integration.

Healing Colour and Qualities


Inguz can be used to ease tension and calm the mind and body.

Can be used to easse menstruation symptoms and hormonal imbalances.


Inguz worn as a talisman, brings fertility and growth, and encourages good health and restores balance.

Inguz Drawn Upright


Male fertility and potency, gestation, internal growth, work, productivity, bounty, being grounded, a connection with the land, peace, prosperity, protection of hearth and home, a beacon of light, potential energy accumulating for a burst of power, good health, balance, farming and cropping, fertility, virtues, common sense, family love, human warmth, home, rest period, grounding, summer sun, inner strengths.

INGUZ is ‘Creativity’.

The twenty-second rune in total and sixth of the final Aett, is the Inguz rune. This rune is often associated with masculine energy and the Moon. The Inguz rune represents Nerthiz, the god Ing (or Freyr), who is the embodiment of fertility. It is this fertility that we call upon to create.

Agriculture represents one of the first attempts by mankind to control the environment, the sustainability of crops and the animals used to maintain them. Throughout ancient times, a primary concern for mankind was the production and harvesting of successful crops for the survival, health and well being of its people.

In today’s Western society, many (if not most) have lost their connection and contact with the land and the process of growing things. The spiritual consequences of this have been disastrous as most people now find it difficult to connect with their own survival instincts and natural intuitions. It has become evident also, in the disrespect given to the earth, the environment and natural resources.

In ancient times, the land was revered as a source of survival as well as one of wondrous beauty.

The shape of the Inguz rune shows balance, representing the harmonious relationship between ourselves and the four elements or four directions. Inguz reminds us of the ancient connection between the gods and the land. It is a rune of grounding, and tells us to reconnect and re-link (which is the true meaning of the word ‘religion’) with our spiritual natures and to reintroduce ourselves to the earth and all its beauties as well as its forebodings. This will reconnect our bodies, minds and spirits.

Inguz is a rune of movement, action and reaction. It is also one of responsibility. The Inguz rune indicates that you are on a spiritual path or journey. Drawing this Rune means that you now have the strength and personal power to achieve completion, resolution and finalisation with some issues that have been a burden or have been long drawn out. It is crucial here to complete projects and finish unfinished business. From this comes an exciting new beginning. You must be done with the old to allow room for the new.

Drawing the Inguz rune in a reading indicates that although you may feel isolated or out of sync at times, you can be safe in the knowledge that within you burns the fire of inspiration. This will urge you onwards, upwards and striving toward spiritual fulfillment. It is the essence of the Inguz rune that will move you forward. With the Inguz rune in play, we nurture ideas and plans and make way for the future.

Depending upon the situation at hand, drawing the Inguz rune can indicate a time of your darkest hour. You may feel confused, helpless or stagnant. Look upon it as though you are the seed, sitting just below the soil, waiting for the sun to shine and the timing to be right, before sprouting forth. It is your opportunity to look within and know that you are on the right path.

Inguz is concerned with male fertility, gestation and internal growth. It is all about common sense and simple strengths, the home and love of the family, caring and human warmth.

Inguz presages a period of rest and relaxation when anxieties disappear and loose strings are tied. It implies that you are free to move in new directions.

Inguz Drawn Reversed


Ill-health, lack of balance, male impotence, toil, movement with no positive change, bad harvests, hard work that brings little reward.

Inguz cannot be drawn reversed or merkstave, but can lay in opposition.

Drawing the Inguz rune in opposition indicates that you may be allowing problems and obstacles get you down to the point where you loose your inspiration and drive to strive and succeed. The message is to trust in your own abilities and talents. In fact, it is imperative that you rely on them at this time.


Sacred Scribes


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