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I am That I am, philosophy behind this

Updated on October 11, 2011

Advaita, the Non-dual philosophy!

I am That I am is one of the version in the holy Bible. What this assertion implies? What is the Truth behind this statement? Every one is aware that this is a very profound statement. What is implied by “I am”? Literally it means, ‘I exist’ in the Present tense. It also implies that “I always exist” since it simply states as “I am”. There is no past or future. This is nothing but “Omnipresent”. This quality is attributed only to God, the almighty. This “I” is wrongly taken to be pointing to a particular individual since each one asserts “I am” so and so when questioned about his identity. He means it to identify his physical body. But the physical body can never assert as “I am”. It is only the in dweller of the body who says “I am” since he exists ever and he do not depend upon the ephemeral body. Bodies are born and they suffer death invariably. But the in dweller “I am” is the Eternal principle within each body. This is the principle of “Non-dual Advaita philosophy advocated in many Hindu scripture. This principle applies to all the beings in the world. Many overseas devotees thronged to India to visit Bagawan Ramana Maharishi who lived this principle as His life. He never considered himself as a body or mind or intellect or senses. He identified himself as the SELF within. He asked all the people who came to his place to know “who they are”. He corrected them when they have asserted as so and so from such and such place. He said, “You are talking from the viewpoint that you are the body. But the body comes in the middle and leave in the middle. You are not the body ,mind, intellect or the senses. You are the Self within which is identical and one with the supreme Self. Once you understand this great Truth, there won’t be anything to realize further.



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    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 6 years ago from Great Britain

      l respect your beliefs explained very well here, even if l cannot agree with all you say.

      That´s why God gave us ´free will´-

      Thank you for a most interesting read.