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If God would move the world for one prayer... Would that prayer be found in the Bible?

Updated on April 4, 2016

Christy Nockels: Be still and know

How to pray at a world wide level

Be still and know. Quieting your inner noise, by just sitting calmly and listening to His whispers can bring lasting fruit How? Because when we listen to His thoughts, they become ideas, they become conversation, they warn, they govern, they still us in any storm. Psalm 131 reminds us of our finite self. Psalm 23 lets God be God in every conversation we can have. So what of the other 65 books of the Bible? Where did all those promises go?

Prosperity is mentioned all over in the Bible. But we complain and doubt it's saving power to loose souls world-wide? How come preachers mention it so, and congregations fail at it so?

And healing. Did not Jesus say He went about healing ALL manners of sickness? Yet we bicker about the scriptural thought of divine health?

Can one imagine the world being saved by Christians who have found these aspects written in God's scripture. Even to the point where their actions of faith working through love could change the world?

Kenneth Hagin

Reminding God of Himself

God's Word is Him. Every thing in it can be rested upon. Everything in it can be relied upon. Everything in is ours. It was as if Jesus died and left us His Will and Testament. And as He longs for us to prosper even as our soul prospers, He waits for us to come boldly to His throne to receive grace and mercy in times of need.

Remind God of God. Let His Word knock on His heart, His soul, who He is. Let Him find a way to get you to His healing, to His provision, to His destinies. He is God. Stroke His ego. Remind Him in praise what He wrote about before you were.

He is Emmanuel. With us. He is and always has been with us. So if we meditate on scripture daily as in Joshua's Book, or we wait with our eyes looking forward as Habakkuk did... Or we go into the mountain and stood where Moses did. Or where our Savior sat in quiet places...

If Christ could still a storm... And we, having weathered so many already; why not rise in our spirit and cry out no more...

Forget not His benefits...

Psalm 103. Blessing Him with all our soul leaves little to no room in our soul for a love of riches, or possessions. God loves to be blessed, loves to be praised. Yet in this day and age, where has the purity gone? Where has the conviction of His Spirit gone, and how come we find more entertainment in our worship? And where is the sound we were raised to hear? A quiet move of Him which brought us to our knees where we would wait for hours?

Angela Cruz

Praying to God with God.

Everything in scripture is open to us, His children. There are riches in His Word. Finding them is our journey. But if we learn to pray in the Spirit before we read, daily, and then ask Him to teaches us through His Word, we can find God using God by reading God.

God even mentions in James that He will draw nigh to us as we draw nigh to Him. Jeremiah speaks of God asking us to seek Him with our whole heart that we may find Him. The very fiber of God's Word has knit us. Jesus beckons us to find Him, to reach out in faith and to walk the tightrope of Himself until our feet land on provision, priceless life...

Imagine, God who so loved, so gave... And imagine if He gave Himself, how much would He give us abundance of life, abundance of what we ask... Freely!


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