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If Only We Would Turn To The Lord

Updated on November 4, 2011

If Only We Would Turn To The Lord

If only we would turn to The Lord,

For there is no better place to go

Just hand each problem  then to Him,

Each thing that has us troubled so..

Then if only we would just place it there

Into The Lord's Great and Mighty Hand,

And If only we had the faith to believe

That Jesus has the Power to understand.

 If each day we would then walk with Him

As through this life we will travel along.

We could hand our problem over to Him,

For He is Great, He's Mighty and Strong.

Too seldom do we trust Him and believe

Until some great trial  will. come our way.

Then when we have no place else to go

In our grief we will turn to Him and pray.

Jesus wants us to be truly  forever His,

Not just like a cloak you can cast aside.

If at the end we miss  Eternity with God,

It won't be that The Lord had never tried,.

Time  is short ,just a Wink of God's Eye.

If only small man could  really understand,

That The Lord's help is just a prayer away,

We just have to reach  and take His Hand!


Do you ever think of how much trouble 

you could have missed if you  had lived

for The Lord from the start? How much

sorrow that you went though because 

you did not want to turn your life over 

to Jesus, He has been there time and

time  again but you was not ready to 

give up your life style.I guess we think 

that He will always be there waiting ,

but that may not be true, perhaps 

He has given you His last call.,What 

a terrible  day when you realize  that 

you are now  doomed .Now is the 

day to turn to The Lord while He 

can still be found!Think about it.


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