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If You Take The Devil's Path

Updated on November 9, 2011

The Devil's Path Is As Wide As The World

The devil's path is as wide as the world ,

And you can do anything that you choose.

You can't backslide when you are a sinner

So you really will have nothing to lose.

You don't need God's Word to serve Satan

And you do not have to kneel in prayer.

You don't have to go to church on Sunday

The devil's church is any time ,anywhere.

You can find it in any bar that you see,

You find he reigns in every place of sin.

You don't need Salvation ,it's the easy way.

To be a member you can just walk right in.

But at the end of this life's earthly journey,

Then you can only meet with a terrible fate.

Try as hard as you will the devil's path

Will never go through the Pearly Gate !


As much as we might like to there is no

way to sneak in the Pearly Gate.There

is only one way to get through you have

to walk in, I am sure it is by invitation .

Jesus may be there waiting to see if He

knows all that try to enter through that

Heavenly Gate.He suffered so to prepare

a place for those who are worthy to have

an Eternal Home for those who are His

Children ,If you refused Him here on earth

you will probably be with the devil forever

and ever in his place of torment. As much

as you like there will be no do overs.You

lost your chance if you stayed with Satan !



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    • clara kish@yahoo. profile image

      Clara Kish 6 years ago from Mt. Perry. Ohio

      Thank you for your comment, it is always nice to hear that someone likes your work,Thank you for writing, clara

    • Man from Modesto profile image

      Man from Modesto 6 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)

      Awesome! Great post.