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If everything is smooth, life will lose its charm!

Updated on June 22, 2017

Thus spoke Ramana!

The need for Speed breakers on Highways!

If everything is smooth and effortless, life will lose its charm! For instance, a neatly paved highway which offers no resistance to vehicles is really dangerous one. The drivers will drive their vehicles recklessly resulting in major accidents. Hence, ‘speed breakers’ are introduced to minimize the accidents in such Highways. Drivers will observe caution due to speed breakers. Many people complain that the world is cruel. Yes, God has intended the world in that way so that it will engender need. If man seeks remedies in the external world, he will fail miserably. The solutions to the riddles of life are available in the inner realm than the outer world. The inner self is responsible. Man can seek guidance and answers in the inner realm which won’t fail him. The alternatives of the world can never offer remedy or solution to any of the problem that affect the individual. Hence pain is kept purposely in human life. It is said that “Pleasure is the interval between two pains”! The increase in body temperature beyond 98.4 degrees F indicates some malady in the health. The man will rush to the Doctor for cure.

Here and Now theory!

Pain is the indicator of ill health!

Pain is the indicator of ill health that affects the soul. Soul is inherently pure and unaffected by anything. But the evil actions perpetrated by the individual needs correction. Hence the individual undergoes pain and grief. If he is wise, he will understand that there is something lacking in his behavior or thoughts. The more man indulges in evil; he will reap more troubles in life. Very often we are perplexed why we alone are subjected to miseries? This is a wrong concept. To his perception, all his neighbors lead a happy life while he suffers much. I have observed many people who are happy for a considerable time, suddenly undergo grief and perils without any notice. His share of merits may be more during past births but even then he need to undergo certain unbearable grief due to some bad deed in the past. In a way, the alternating pleasure and pain are good for the spiritual health of individual. If he undergoes long periods of happiness, he will develop pride and ego. A sudden fall after this period may end in deep depression. Hence swaying more often is better than enjoying a lengthy period of fortune!

Basis for Wisdom!

Troubles are best Teachers of Life!

Troubles are our best teachers in life. During the period of trouble, one will introspect why such trouble came to pass. Though we may not be able to discern the correct reasons, we will remain cautious not to commit any bad deeds since intuitively we have understood that our own actions brought this disappointment and defeat. If we know the technique to enjoy our failures and grief, nothing will affect us any further. Some sages have told people, ‘Welcome Pain’, this is the best way to deal it. If we resist pain and grief, the burden will become more. Hence it is said, “Enjoy pain and grief! By this attitude, we can go through painful days, however long it may seem with ease and confidence. Someone has said, “This too will pass! We have to remember this during happy times. Then we won’t cling to those pleasures knowing well that it will pass soon! In Indian scriptures of yore, the time period was divided into four eons or ages. The longest Sathya Yuga, when virtues dominated the life of mankind. Even during those periods some kind of evil existed otherwise it will not give way to the next ages. If everything is Pure and white creation cannot happen. If everything is white, life loses its charm. It is because of varieties in creation, we are pulling on. If all are pious and noble, it will be boring to death. Because of the mixture of evil, goodness is highlighted. The black color highlights the white. We are all aware that pure gold cannot be made into jewels. By adding a little brass or copper, gold is amenable to work in the anvils which enable drawing into thin plates and wires. Pure gold cannot be drawn as wires and made as plates. Similarly, in pristine purity, creation cannot happen. The mind acts as dross which enable creation to evolve.

The Unconscious Mind!

The unknown cause of creation!

Brahman is formless and attributes less. When Brahman has no qualities, how it will desire for creation? It is the admixture of mind which gives color or quality to the Brahman. As long as the mind was merged in Brahman, there was nothing. A slight stir caused the mind to emanate from the Brahman which resulted in the Cosmos, creation and multitudes of beings occupying the earth, air, water and sky! Even scientists today believe that the Universe is expanding and everything commenced from the moment of Big Bang! A small seed of Banyan tree becomes a huge tree in the course of time when the seed enters the earth and nourished by water. In some of the scriptures, it is said, “I am alone! Let me become Many! Yes, there was none before creation and the one primal force willed as above. In the Bible, it is said, “First there was a word and the word was with God and the word was God. In Hindu scriptures, the primeval sound is defined as “OM” which is the beginning of this phenomenal world.

Many debates happened about the creation in various places by various communities. But there is a fundamental philosophy. Without a cause, no effect is possible. Now we are witnessing the effect and hence there must be an unknown cause!

Something in the middle (mind) is the cause for creation!

How creation can happen with a formless attribute less power?

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