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If life is a two way road, will you go for a U TURN?

Updated on September 22, 2016
kmartel profile image

K.D. Martel is a writer, published author and artist working from her studio in the province of Québec, Canada.

Life is a Journey, the Best Part is Getting There!

You know, life experience has taught me that how we live our life, what happens to us, is for a reason. Like many people, yes, I have had bad things happen to me, gone through emotional ups and downs and so forth. But, to this day, I regret nothing and never will I say that I wish I had make a different decision or not have lived through a certain life experience (even a car and motorcycle accident!).

You cannot undo what has been done and is a part of your past. Take it as a life lesson, a learning experience that will help in your spiritual development. Never regret a decision you have made or something you have done because you will carry that emotion with you and remove the creative energy from your being when you do. Nothing is a greater pain in this life than having regret. Get over it, because when you dwell on what you could have done or said, you remove energy from the present and live in the past! Accept what you have chosen to do, say or be, have no regrets, live your life in the NOW and be happy right now!

It helps too to have someone you can talk to, help you along your path in life. Someone who understands you and has no judgement about you. Life coaches are great to work with if you can find a good one!

So, to finalize, forget about the U-turn..if we could do that for real, life would be so boring and predictable, wouldn't it? It's not the destination that counts, but how you got there! :)

© 2008 K D Martel


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    • kmartel profile image

      K D Martel 9 years ago from Quebec, CANADA

      Well thank-you very much!

    • justmesuzanne profile image

      justmesuzanne 9 years ago from Texas

      Excellent reflections on life acceptance! Great picture, too! :)