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If only we know the correct aim of Life!

Updated on October 27, 2012

Jesus, the Love incarnate.

Understanding Life!

It requires lot of introspection to understand the correct aim of Life. Man has occupied the highest place in creation for he alone has the capacity to think, discriminate and decide the course of actions in life. All other species follow their inborn instincts to lead their life. It is said in the scriptures that even the demigods do not have the freedom to work out for their ultimate salvation. Only human beings have the right to realize their own Self, which is otherwise termed God. Though the demigods have higher status than earthly life, they enjoy the fruits of their merits and they will stay in their region till their merit is worked out. Once they work out their merit, they will again take birth on earth to work out their salvation!

All species of life, eat, sleep, fear and enjoy. But man alone has got the special quality of discrimination and thinking mind. This separates him from other species. If we also start living like other species, there is no specialty in human life. Hence we should use our discrimination and pursue the scriptures which guide our life on earth. Eating, sleeping and enjoying are incidental to life. But it should not be the sole aim of Life. We should evolve from human to Divine. We should move up in the ladder of Life. We also moved from birds, animals and finally into human birth. It takes millions of years for us to evolve as a human being from the lowest life. If we waste our life merely in eating, drinking and enjoying, the very purpose of human birth is lost and wasted. Hence we should utilize every moment of life to progress from human to Divine

In every human being, God has provided two seeds, one for procreation and the other seed for higher spiritual elevation. In most of us, the second seed is lying dormant without use.Only a preceptor can educate us our real destiny and goad us to move forward in spiritual path. We have to develop 'Universal Love and Vision' in order to expand our awareness. We should not limit ourselves to the perishable body and unsteady mind. They can not take you anywhere. It is only intuition from sharp intellect and pure thoughts will show us the correct path to be taken. God has sent his emissaries in the form of saints and sages in every age and they are like the guide posts. We should develop faith in their words and follow the path assiduously to succeed in the spiritual path and attain our aim of merging in the Supreme Self!

For attaining the aim of life, we should focus on God and not on the world. We should develop 'selflessness' and remove selfish motives. We should help all who are in need to the extent of our capacity. Service to humanity is service to God since God is the in dweller of all beings. In a way, all are the progeny of the self same God. Hence we should develop universal outlook and embrace all without any hatred.


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