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If you can’t live with them, change them

Updated on June 5, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

That seems to be the modern rule

When religious groups, and I am not talking whole churches here, do not like certain rules, they do not do the decent thing and move away from the church. Instead, they remain and try to change both the rules and the church body they are a part.

As I have studied and taught over the years,it seems that there is a large segment of religious and secular society that do not like to live by the rules of God or government. Their own personal preferences has them declaring both God and government wrong

Governments can be wrong

In this issue many people do not understand the role of government nor its origins. Romans tells us that governments originate from God and those who oppose those governments are resisting God (Romans 13).

Even with this divine origin governments can make mistakes. Governments are not infallible. That is because these governments are made up of human leaders. How a government goes depends on those leaders and a government can elect or choose to follow God’s rules or they can and do choose to follow secular ideology.

When they choose the latter route, a lot of mistakes are made. This is because the human leaders have closed themselves off to God and his ways and opened themselves to evil’s influence and its way.

If anyone complains about injustice, crime rates, corruption and so on, they cannot blame God. Humans at all levels of society have the freedom to choose. It is not God’s fault that these people choose to follow evil over his divine ways.

Churches can be wrong

The church also has divine origins and human leaders but again, the existence of free choice has its influence over how churches are run. Some people choose to follow God and their churches thrive because of it or face persecution because they dare to be like Christ.

Others do not and the results are like those the United Methodist Church is experiencing right now as a large group of LGBTQ sympathizers reject the decisions made by that denomination’s ruling bodies.

This group of people are trying to change the rules and their denomination by forcing their ideology onto those who strongly disagree with it. This is not right. If that group of people do not want to follow their leaders then they should resign their memberships and leave the church. Instead of making a mockery of the Christian faith.

God does not make mistakes

Most people by now should realize and know that God is perfect and does not make mistakes. When God wrote and communicated his rules, there was no error in judgment, no unfairness, and no sinful influence shaping those rules.

Those rules are mistake free and perfect as God is. Sadly, too many people think they know better than God and declare that there are mistakes in the Bible and that God did err. They go about trying to change God’s rules despite this fact.

If they were honest, they would simply declare that they do not want to follow God’s rules anymore and want to live by their own rules. But these groups do not want to give up the title of Christian or a little hope that they might still be saved through God’s grace and mercy.

The rules were written for a purpose

These people want the good things that God offers while not being courageous enough to handle the ‘bad’ that comes with having rules to guide the church and life.

They do not understand that there are rules they must follow. These rules cannot change because God doe snot change. What he declared as evil and sin in the Old Testament, Jesus did not declare sinless in the New.

God’s rules are the same throughout history. If people do not like them that is up to them.They have the power of free choice. But what they do not have authority over are the rules and God’s church.

God’s church must abide by all of God’s rules. If they don’t then they do not have a strong witness and they undermine their declaration that they follow God. It is hard to bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus when God’s own followers do not accept nor abide by his rules.

The hypocritical message sent out causes more people to reject Jesus. This is the result of those groups in the United Methodist Church. They say they are acting as Jesus taught but they are not. They are trying to change the rules of that denomination and God by fighting to accept sin and unrepentant sinners into their denomination.

That is not love but a rejection of God and his rules. God rules were written so that his followers would be free from sin and be pleasing unto him. They were not written to be broken and to destroy the message of love he sends his creation.

Some final words

It is sad to see so many people trying to alter the rules of God and change the church. They have no authority to do this. Also, is not fair to those who live by God’s rules to see consistent rule breakers be accepted by church leaders and other church members.

Actually, it is a travesty to see the message of God and Jesus undermined by those who wish to live sinful lives while claiming they are followers of God. It is also sin. These people need to repent of their errors and get right with God if they want to make it to heaven

© 2019 David Thiessen


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