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Iglesia ni Cristo

Updated on March 25, 2011
Iglesia ni Cristo or Church of Christ
Iglesia ni Cristo or Church of Christ

What is Iglesia ni Cristo?

If you are a Filipino, then you are surely aware of the locally founded religion of Iglesia ni Cristo. They have actually spread all over the world now having members and churches in many other countries. This religion based on Christianity was founded by Erano Manalo who has now passed away. He started preaching a long time ago and got a decent amount of following and now they have become a very big church that has many followers. It's actually also become so bureaucratic. I do see it as a some sort of quasi-state, just as I do with any other religion that seeks to indoctrinate any individual with claims of salvation.

As you may have noticed in the photo, their actual churches or place of worship is grand and very luxurious looking. Probably not the way their supposed founders envisioned how the church ought to have been (I do bring up the same argument with Catholics and Vatican). I've actually always been discerning and critical of different religions. I am not really biased toward any and remain a skeptic against all of them.

I say this because the reason I am writing about the Iglesia ni Cristo religions is because of a TV show I am forced to watch (being that I don't have cable or internet in my other house in Laguna) that is hosted by Bro Eli Soriano of Ang Dating Daan (the old path) another Christian religion that's very critical of the INC. I noticed even that they have some sort of feud. This is probably because both claim to give salvation and they really have to debate each other on who's the "real" church. All the bickering is actually quite interesting.

One interesting difference I noticed among the two religions though would be that the Iglesia ni Cristo have more budget and more power and influence especially when it comes to politics. They have this rule of block voting where it becomes a sin if you do not vote for the candidates prescribed by the church. It is quite ridiculous when you think about it. But hey, that's religion for you, yeah?

Both religions even have their own TV channels and it's so noticeable that the production and broadcasting capabilities of INC or Iglesia ni Cristo is really superior. They look more bureaucratic though compared to Bro Eli Soriano where it's seemingly more personal and you get to ask questions personally and he even has a twitter account. 

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Iglesia ni Cristo Logo
Iglesia ni Cristo Logo

Doctrines of Iglesia Ni Cristo

The first real thing I really noticed about their doctrines is that they are not allowed to eat Dinuguan (pork cooked in its own blood). They say that it is in the bible that you shouldn't eat that. Oh well, I do feel bad for them because that's really one of my favorites. Aside from that they are also very critical of the Catholic church (I am guessing because this is the most mainstream Christian sector here in the Philippines). I find this very interesting because I've always been interested in criticizing the Catholic religion's practices and policies.

These people really take their religion and doctrines very seriously. They even have their own judiciary system of some sort that will decide whether you will be kicked out if ever you go against their teachings. And of course this would mean that you will go to Hell (assuming that they are the one true religion). The reason I know so much about this is because I used to have an ex-girlfriend that was a part of this religion and I had to go through the whole process of their bible studies. I did find that interesting, as I have said, because it is very critical of other religions but at the same time made me criticize them as well and raised a lot of questions. For instance, is Gandhi in hell? Or any other brilliant people just because they're not part of this religion? Like Einstein or Ludwig von MIses, or whoever invented medicines for different diseases or whatever. That really makes no sense to me. It's all so exclusive, elitist, and at the same time very unforgiving (which is seemingly against the basic teachings of Christianity).

Iglesia ni Cristo Video

So what's up with Iglesia ni Cristo?

Well, I don't really care, you know? To each his own. They can preach all they want and gather those who are gullible enough to listen to their silly rhetoric about how they're the one true church that will save you from the eternal fires of hell. It's ridiculous and in my opinion immoral to a certain extent. I mean, to have such power of exclusivity or elitism for salvation is just so un-christian-like for lack of a better word. Not that I believe in Christianity as the ultimate basis for everything, but that's what they're claiming and they seem to be contradicting themselves.

The power they have over undiscerning individuals are just too much really. They have the power to brainwash and get people to vote whoever they want. They get to be one of the biggest lobbyists in the country pushing for policies and political agendas that will favor their church and the church leaders' personal interests. These are some mighty accusations, I understand that you might think that but maybe try to see it from my point of view: they are selling the idea of salvation, eternal life, and many other abstract concepts in exchange for "donations" and the power to be influenced on who to vote for. 


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    • profile image

      susan 3 years ago

      they seem like a threat. when I look at them going to the church I always think of people who are going to the same destination or let's say condemnation bcoz they are lapastangan. isang bagong relihiyong lapastangan. nilalapastangan ang Dios ng harap harapan. coz they feel like they are more intelligent than God. They created their own God. Their religion is a combination of mormonism, protestantism, Jehova's witness and Adventist. para makapagpatayo ng isang bagay, kailangan ang immersion. pagka ikaw ay gusto ng kakaiba, atakihin mo ang kalaban at magmalinis ka...

    • profile image

      em 3 years ago

      at pagkatapos mong paniwalaan ang kanilang katuruan.. mas matalino na kayo. .. pero hindi ba mas matalino ang may alam na mali ang sinapian nyo? sarado na ang isip nyo sa iband katuruan dahil yan ang katangian ng na brain wash

    • profile image

      em 3 years ago

      delusional.... those people get inside that church... tsk tsk tsk... Iglesia nino? Gat? nakarinig ka lng isa ka na sa mga na brain wash. Ang tawag jan na brain wash k. alam ko process paano makapasok sa simbahan na yan. animo'y estudyanteng paulit ulit na ipapaliwanag sa iyo. at dahil ikaw ay wala pang masyadong alam... ayun... kaagad ka na brain wash at sarado agad isip ng hindi sumasali sa inyo... pathetic

    • profile image

      em 3 years ago

      ka felix manalo will save you...aalisin ka nya sa lawa ng apoy. sya ang magpapalaya sayo. kaya mabuti pa sa kanya kayo tumingin. sya ang magliligtas sa inyo

    • profile image

      gat namwaran 4 years ago

      dear harry all you need is to asks.... what will happen to those people who haven't heard about the iglesia? ..the answer is written in Romans 2:12-13 its the answer of Ka felix long time ago...all you need is asks...don't believe on other people say about the iglesia...

    • profile image

      kaawaan ka nawa niya.. 4 years ago

      r gandhi in hell?? kung kay LJC ka talaga,alam mo ang sagot.

      i really hope ,,"Mapatawad ka ..""matawag ka.."

    • profile image

      ANDREA PAGCANLUNGAN 4 years ago


    • profile image

      mitch 5 years ago

      and INC are not allowed to bring bible in their chapel.. why is that? coz people will know what really the bible tells about the "church". church is not actually a building. church was from the word "ekklesia" meaning called-out ones. that means iglesia ni Cristo is "called-out ones of Christ. the bible tells about salvation is that through JESUS CHRIST and not some building nor religion that you can be save. "

      JOHN 14:6 Jesus said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me."

      Jesus is the way to heaven, not felix manalo nor its building/religion. READ the bible for you to know all the truth. coz the bible says there are so many FALSE teachers that will use Jesus' name but in fact they don't have Jesus in their life.

    • profile image

      357archangel 5 years ago

      Iglesia ni manalo is a fake church with a fake leader and delusional members..their church is not founded by Christ but by felix on 1914..felix educational attainment is a big hoax..a fraud..their pasugo is a big lie..these freaks are so judgmental even to the point of condemning people to hell, not considering their bad records of murders and rapes..for me, they are just a bunch of hypocrites..a modern day pharisees.

    • profile image

      Jayee 6 years ago

      Well, Its true that INC is a powerful and Influential Indigenous Church :)Try to open your mind brother... How did it happened? From a single member which is the founder Felix Y. Manalo to millions of members around the globe,is it just a church or a True Church???

    • profile image

      ROBERT 6 years ago

      The One who was nailed in the Cross is the savior not buildings or any group..

    • profile image

      ABDUL 6 years ago

      researcher is a MORON

    • profile image

      readme 6 years ago

      My advice to the author.

      make a RESEARCH WELL!^^

    • jamiesweeney profile image

      jamiesweeney 6 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      ONLY GOD knows what to do to those people who were not in INC before it was founded. No one can ever get in depth of God's Mind, not even Einsten nor you.

      And you said Erano Manalo founded it in PHilippines.I had listened to their teachings once and it was Felix Manalo(father), not Erano Manalo (son), the INC founder. I guess you were not able to researched it well.

    • profile image

      pedro bayuga 6 years ago

      you can join or leave the church at your own volition..entering is more difficult than leaving because there is no lock to hold you inside the church..the door is open for you to leave.