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Illusion hides the vision to recognize the Divine!

Updated on September 27, 2011

The mango fruit

Many considered him as a miracle man. Some considered him as Guru. Some considered him as their friend and confident. Very few recognized the Divine in his form. Saibaba himself has cautioned the devotees, "Do not be misled by the fact, that I am moving with you, talk to you and fondle you. At any time, My divinity will be revealed to you. Hence always be alert otherwise, the illusory power of My Maya(the illusion is also created by me) will hide the fact that I am Divine. It is a fact, that many devotees who moved with Baba for many years have failed to recognize His identity. Only some pure souls recognized Him as an incarnation of God. This has happened in the case of Shirdi Baba, Sri Rama and Sri Krishna. Only a blessed few could gauge their Divinity. Once he took one great scientist along with him for an outing. They settled in the riverbed Chitravathi. Suddenly, Baba asked the Scientist, whether he believe in the Bagawat Gita? The Scientist replied, "Swami, I am from a traditional devotional family and I respect the spiritual texts. Suddenly, the scientist has realized that he has forgotten his spectacles. Baba asked him, "Do you read Gita". But finding the predicament of the scientist, Baba poured sand on the palm of the scientist. Lo! a book of Bagawat Gita reached the palm of the scientist instead of sand. He opened the book and to his surprise, he could read the book without the aid of glasses since the font was big enough for comfortable reading. Who else except God will be considerate enough to bring a book suitable to your eye power? Baba asked the devotees gathered what they want? Some devotee has selected mango fruit. It was not the season for mangoes in India. Baba asked the devotee to dig a hole. The devotee started digging but nothing was found. Baba asked him to dig deeper. After digging a little more, the devotee found a cold touch! Immediately he was frightened since the place is used for burial of dead bodies. Baba laughed and told him to take out the thing. With hands shivering, the devotee brought it. It was a big mango fruit and ice cold. Baba himself has cut it to pieces and fed to the large gathering of devotees with his own hand. Every body got a sumptuous feeding of the sweet mango. That is Baba. Rest in next hub.


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    • profile image

      newday98033 6 years ago

      Another way to look at it: understand that everything is God. Therefore your relationship with God may appear any moment.

      I liked the fondle part.