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Illusion of the mind!

Updated on October 18, 2012

Illusion dominates our life.

Many scriptures talk about 'illusions created by the mind'. What is really an 'illusion'? Illusion is 'what is not real'. The mirage effect in the deserts are illusion. We talk about the rising of the sun and setting. It is illusion. The sun neither rises nor sets. It is there glowing all the while. It is the rotation of the earth which gives the false notion as the rising of the sun when it comes in our view and setting of the sun as when it recedes from our view. We see the reflection of the sun in many pots filled with water. Each pot reflects the sun above. There are so many reflections equal to the number of pots filled up with water. The Sun is One only but the reflections are many.

Likewise God is One, His reflections are in each being. But man alone has the capability to realize this. The same man is accosted by different people with different relationships. The wife will call him as "Dear". The children may call him as "Dad". His sister may call him 'brother". But he is one only. Likewise God is accosted in different fashions in different religions and regions. But He is one only. He is formless and hence he could assume any form as per our prayers.

In the philosophy of non-duality, there exists only One and not two. If we notice two, then illusion is active. While we sleep, we dream. The mind itself creates all the scenario in the dream and even assume the form of dreamer and the dreamer undergoes many actual experiences as though he is waking. Hence he undergoes pleasure and pain, fear and grief as though in real life. Only when he wakes up from the sleep, he realizes that he was dreaming all the while and those experiences were never real. When the mind is capable of giving such illusory experiences during sleep, how you can vouch what we experience during waking stage is true? Waking state negates the dream state and the dream state negates the waking experiences. But "You" were there in both the experiences. Hence "You" alone is real and the experiences are false. Hence we can say without any fear of contradiction, "all the perceptions of the mind is only "Illusion"

Truth is one thing which should never change due to time or space. Then only it can be called Truth. What we term as truth in day to day life is really fact which is distinct from Truth. We are made to believe our waking experiences as real. When we observe keenly, every moment passes and bring new experiences to the individual. Time flees past and our mood also changes every now and then. How can we consider that which changes as "Real or True? They are like passing clouds which has no inherent reality. Hence do not follow the mind which is termed as a 'monkey mind'. If we follow the mind, we are sure to land in grief and troubles. Rather follow the inner conscience or intuitive intellect. Discriminate and find out what is real and what is illusory!


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