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I'm Feeling Kinda Special

Updated on July 14, 2013

The Joy of the Lord!

Then he said to them, “Go your way. Eat the fat and drink sweet wine and send portions to anyone who has nothing ready, for this day is holy to our Lord. And do not be grieved, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”-- Nehemiah 8:10

It's Sunday

It's Sunday morning and I rise to a new day. I feel kind of special and I get dressed to go to Dunkin' Donuts to pickup my husband and me our morning coffee, something which he would normally do. I walk into the room where he's sitting and he asks where I'm going. I'm feeling kind of special and I'll take the ride this morning.

It's not soon after I've opened the car door and placed the key in the ignition when all the thoughts of what needs to be done and how we're going to financially take care of them fill my mind. I turn the radio to 103.8 Praze Radio and the sound of wonderful gospel music fills the car. The song is "There's Nobody Greater." It's in the teens outside and I lower the emergency break and back out of the driveway.

It's Sunday, praisers and worshippers are making final preparations to enter different houses of worship. I stop at T.D. Bank to withdraw some money and the balance is not what I desired but I've met two women, who were alone, but knew God. We three women are standing in the cold glass ATM enclosure, talking about God and family! I bid the women a blessed day. I'm feeling kinda of Special.

I'm on my way to Pathmark to pick up some things for dinner and pick up a pack of Wet N' Wild's "I'm Feeling Retro." I enter the parking lot, park, and walk quickly into the store. I wander the aisles that are beautifully quiet. I check out with only my Wet N' Wild Compact and the total reads $3.99. I quickly tell the young man that the display says $1.99. He quickly volunteers to view the display and a supervisor happens over and he quickly states it's a Wet N' Wild advertisement displa and will discount the compact. Wow, that was so easy.

I've got the Dunkin' Donuts coffee and I reach home. My younger son will be making breakfast so now I can talk with my husband and do some writing this morning. I'm feeling kinda special.

There will always be something that will vex us, wear on us, and distract us but God! I hear the laughter of my grandchildren 2 and 7 and their laughter lightens my heart. My daughter-in-law would always say, "it is, what it is." It's so, until I speak to it! The Word, spoken changes people, places, and things! He's brought us, led us through many dangers, toils, and snares. Faith is our compass and leads us into...I'm feeling Kinda's the Joy of the Lord, it is my Strength.

Eat, Drink, and Be Joyful

There have been times, like today, that I just feel the Holy Spirit breathing on me. To the point it brings me to tears. I wasn't in a cathedral with stained glass windows, celestial music, and a pulpit equipped with a preacher. I was in my 4-door, green 4WD Subaru and it couldn't be more sacred.

He was speaking and I listened. He has a way of continuing to speak until I get it. He can be persistent. He prods us to learn the lessons that we may stand in the times of testing and adversity.

The people of Israel were encouraged to eat, drink, and be joyful after they have heard the Law of the Lord. It is then they weep, repent!


Book on Joy

It springs from God, and has God for its object

It springs from God, and has God for its object

The believer who is in a spiritually healthy state rejoices mainly in God himself; he is happy because there is a God, and because God is in his person and character what he is. All the attributes of God become well-springs of joy to the thoughtful, contemplative believer; for such a man says within his soul, "All these attributes of my God are mine: his power, my protection; his wisdom, my guidance; his faithfulness, my foundation; his grace, my salvation." He is a God who cannot lie, faithful and true to his promise; he is all love, and at the same time infinitely just, supremely holy. Why, the contemplation of God to one who knows that this God is his God for ever and ever, is enough to make the eyes overflow with tears, because of the deep, mysterious, unutterable bliss which fills the heart. There was nothing in the character of Jupiter, or any of the pretended gods of the heathen, to make glad a pure and holy spirit, but there is everything in the character of Jehovah both to purify the heart and to make it thrill with delight. -- Charles Spurgeon

Let's Pray


Precious Father, I thank you.  I thank you for all that I perceive as good, well, and indifferent.  I thank you for being the Joy of my Strength.  I thank you for peace that passeth all understanding.  It's because of you that I live, move, and have my being!  Thank you Lord for the Holy Spirit that you left to be my Comforter and a good One He is...and because of Him I'm feeling Kinda Special!  I whisper Father!  I love You!


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