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I'm a Christian Why AM I NOT Delivered From Sins And Habits??

Updated on February 20, 2011

The Tendency Of Sin

Have you ever sat and pondered about you. Why you do the things you do? Some things you know is wrong but you do them anyway. And tell yourself I can't control it, I can't stop, I'm waiting on God to take it from me. Or God will forgive me, and take it away when He sees fit. You know, just reason yourself in acceptance of the way your are or for not changing the way you are.

Well, the reason you do that is because of Sin Tendency. Before you gave your life to Christ you was a sinner and sinned continually. Right? We belong to the Devil? Born in sin and iniquity did my mother conceive me, David said. .So we've spent a lot of time learning sinful behavior, like lying, cheating, stealing and sex sins etc... just a few for reference. But we've learned and practice sinful habits and ways and thinking it right, or it's the norm. And so it was in a fallen sinful world. The Lord of this world who is Satan influence our way of thinking and decision making. So a lot of things we've thought wrong about and act upon with the wrong thinking which get us wrong results. According to God's way of thinking and what He created us to be.

We don't realize until we come to God and accept His Son, Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior what the truth is about who we are and how we ought to be! Once we confess Jesus as Lord and Savior right then God looks at us as new creatures. We've been reborn and now a babe in Christ. But the Sin Tendency is still ever present with us.

Now we have to relearn everything. Have a change of mind about how we live, believe, what we say and do! Old things are passed away, Behold (look) all things become NEW. What's new, ALL THINGS, like, we don't lie anymore, we don't steal anymore, we don't practice sexual sins anymore, Right? yes, and no. Right in that God no longer hold you in condemnation if you do,but you and other people will sometimes. God can never remember sin against you again, So to God you never sin to be condemned. Jesus died for all of our sins. Forever! Theire's lots more understanding that comes with that statement, but I'm making a point about Sin Tendency. Because of sin tendency is their meaning what we use to do and still do though we SAVED is not that Jesus don't have power to deliever us or that you're just stuck like that and can't change or stop what you're doing wrong. That's not it!

We must have a renewed mind in other to live and be who and what God intended for us to be. If the mind is never renewed with the word of God and we continue to live what we learned before we got saved, we're still in bondage, slave to SIN Tendency. Sin Tendency is all the sin in the world, anything that goes against the word and will of God. It goes back to grand daddy, grand momma, great grand daddy and so on. It's just on you and you don't know why you even lean towards it. You wonder about it. Why I do this, I don't even want to do this? What's up? Where did it come from? Sin, that Adam put us in and it fell on the whole world. Pass sins of family members as I stated. And the Devil don't give up, he visit every generation with the pass sins of family members.

So now you saved. loving and living for Jesus. Devil don't like it. But you made it in. Now I'm free from the devil's mess. He can't touch me now! right and wrong. He can't touch you because God word promise us he couldn't hard us. Not out right. But what the devil do is to suggest things to us that is a lie and get us to doubt God or ourself and wants us to act out of the doubt. God can work through doubt but the devil can. When we doubt we're turning away from God and all the things he has promised us. When we lean to doubt we open or keep the door open for the devil to take us into bondage or keep us in bondage.

Now we feeling like this will never end. I can't help myself or I was born this way and nothing can change that. ALL LIES. But they all fuel and live off of doubt. Sin Tendency will be with you until your mind is renewed about whatever Sin Tendency you are battling. Now, to conquer the Tendency is to believe that Jesus died for that too. He took it, nailed it to the cross. It's no longer yours, It's no longer yours. That's what you have to rehearse in your thinking over and over and tell yourself, the devil and any person that try to tell you that you still have that. No! you don't. the tendency is showing but it's been dealt with and I'm FREE.

Next, keep studying the Word and See how much God loves you through creation right on up to Jesus dying on the cross. It will change the way you think about you, the decision you make, choices you take, and you'll see your true persons through the eyes of God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. You'll know that you're truly of a royal priesthood, not what sin tendency says, You're beloved of God, your creator. And it was so for all mankind from the beginning of creation. Adam and Eve Read the 3 chapter of Genesis , look at the LOVE of God at the end of that chapter after sin and curses came on us. What did God do to so His LOVE?

God punished them Yes, But love, like we do our children when they do wrong. we punish them but love doesn't end in cases we show them more love. Look at our heavenly father. He drove them out the garden, yes, off easy street but why? punishment? yes, but because he loved them. Look and see what He said. Hint: so that man doesn't eat from the tree of life and he put angels to guard the tree with a flaming sword going back and forth. LOVE! Why LOVE? It's love because, if Adam had eaten of the tree of life in his sinful state. The tree of life represent Jesus. Jesus is alive forever! If he had eaten of that tree he would have and we would have stayed in sin forever. My Lord, My Lord, My Lord! We would have been damned along with the devil.

That blew my mind when I saw this in my studies last week. I went to church on Sunday and my Pastor put the icying on the cake for me on this. He gave the revelation of that God intend for Adam to introduce Jesus to us. And I'm thinking the world would have been one huge garden of eden. I've always wondered what it would be like if Adam had never sinned? I'm getting a glimpes of now that I'm saved but to see the whole world living in the first state Adam had. How awesome that would be!

I hope I've helped someone to understand a little better why you can be saved and not free of the old things in your life. You have to renew your mind. keep it renewed daily, stay close to God to not give entry way to the devil to make us doubt. Kill fear and doubt and the new creation God intends for you to be will come forth out of you. It's inside, just covered with sin tendency and yes, you over come sin tendency with a renewed mind. Be Blessed, be free!  




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