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Image of Jesus comes out of my purse!

Updated on August 7, 2011

Jesus appears!

First I would like to say that I have been searching for a special pocket book forever. I could never find the purse anywhere. I had specific ideas about this purse. It had to be black, it had to have two straps, fixed not expandable to be a shoulder bag. I wanted 2 inner pouches and zippers, and two outer zipper areas. It had to medium depth, and leather.

I went to my first Goodwill store and as I was leaving, a purse hit me in the left shoulder from a hanging rack. I could not beieve my eyes, it was the purse! All my specifications were there. The price was $ 3.99, I was amazed that I had found the purse.

I was so happy to have my purse, I told my son one day that it was a miracle that I found that purse, and in a joking voice he told me that I should take a picture of this purse and email it to him, because he just, had to see this purse. I had told my son that it felt like some spirit was connected to the purse.

Actually he was making fun of me, and my proud purse purchase. So later that day I put the purse on the table and I take a couple of pictures and on the last picture the camera slips and shoots a picture off aiming at the purse. I do not think anything of it, and I download the pictures.

I am looking at these pictures of the purse, and I am shocked to see an image in the last picture that was taken when the camera slipped. I could make out a face, but when the picture is emailed it can not be seen as clearly.

I print the picture and you can clearly see the face of Jesus. The face and nose and lips are clearly visible in the photo, and the long hair and beard around the face. I feel blessed that Jesus is here with me, and in my purse that some one else at some time and placed also owned.


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