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Impact of Religion on the Effectiveness Promotion of Product

Updated on September 30, 2015


These days particularly with the rise of web shopping and the spread of organization toward oneself monster retail shops, bundling serves as an imperative limited time instrument to inform, draw in, and convince clients. One approach to build the limited time adequacy of items' bundles in Islamic nations is to consider and to react to the focus on market's social powers. Said powers have an incredible impact on the Muslim individuals from these nations and in transit that they react to an item, as far as the consideration given to it, their state of mind toward it, and, eventually, their purchasing choice. Primary among these sociocultural forces is religion. Literature indicates that the Muslims’ religious commitments and convictions have a significant influence on their perception of promotional material (Bari and Abbas, 2011; Saeed et al., 2001). This study looks to explore the impact of religion on the adequacy of product packages in drawing in clients' consideration and framing their state of mind, preferences, and purchasing choices. Put in an unexpected way, the study's objective is to discover how Muslims respond to item bundles, and specifically, those components that they accept not to be as per their religious qualities. Said components are thus alluded to as contentious bundles." A disagreeable bundle is one that contains components that are not as per Islamic standards, for example, symbolism that may be esteemed improper, ladies or men in enchanting postures or uncovering what may be consideration admission measure of skin .Such elements are strictly prohibited in Islam. In a sizable number of Islamic countries, one notices that a subset of products do in fact have contentious packages. These products include perfumes as well as women’s socks, stockings, lingerie, shirts, and shorts. Such factor are exclusively deny in Islam. In a substantial character in Islam public single declaration that subdivisions of components do accurate advice contentious assortment these components integrates women essence, socks and jersey trousers.

Background Studies

In the global world the companies wants to increase the product sales by using different medium of promotional activities such as online shopping websites, and self services giant retailers companies always upgrade packaging standards these promotional tools can attract the target customers and capture the market size.
The researcher identified the usage of non-Islamic packaging destroy the company image and product believe. The pious Muslim governed and guided by Islamic law and spread the teaching of Qur'an in a immersive nature of abilities when such companies do not follow the Islamic shariah and Muslim standards the Muslim Scholar community will boycott these and protect the Islamic rules and regulation. If advertising companies fail to find out the insight of Muslims prestigious community and their belief it would not be able to carry on and face the substantial in future. Islam guide by all aspect of life including consumer behavior and regulatory authority select only those package which is not contradict with shariah. The prophet Mohammed acknowledge that sexual or indecent images to be “adultery of the eyes,” so in spite of this perception and it is obligatory to respect, it is essential to remove by using sexualized images on packaging. Mostly non-Islamic packing is effective in western countries it is not acceptable in Islamic countries due to vast different cultural environment.
The part of assortment has extended in contemporary society. The motivation behind a bundle is no more just to shield an item from harm, additionally to advance it. Array has turned into a type of promoting, and organizations around the world are utilizing quantity to catch the consideration, and ideally long haul support, of clients. The special part of bundle outline has gotten to be greatly focused

Problem Statement

Mohammed M. Almossawi Department of Management & Marketing, College of Business Administration, University of Bahrain, Sakheer, Bahrain
The purpose of this study how Muslim react with the non Islamic promotion and packaging and protect the Islamic value and dignity .
Mohammed M. Almossawi , (2014),found that the use of contentious packaging runs a high risk of tarnishing a company’s reputation and appeal. , some studies have investigated the impact of labeling when it conveys nutritional information (Kasapila and Shawa, 2011; Hieke and Taylor, 2012; Ippolito, 1999; Wansink and Huckabee, 2005; Garde, 2008; Seiders and Petty, 2004) According to Luqmani et al. (1989), in Saudi Arabia, one of the major factors influencing advertising is religion, and all promotions must be compatible with religious standards. This is because Shari’a (Islamic Law) is viewed as a comprehensive code governing all areas of Muslims’ lives (Luqmani et al., 1989; Coualon, 1964).
We indicate the impact of Muslims responses in the packaging and promotional activities perform by the multinational companies and further demonstrate the company reputation and describing the challenges of advertising agency in the prospective of Islamic shariah
Bundling has turned into a type of promoting, and organizations around the world are utilizing bundling to catch the consideration, and ideally long haul support, of clients. The special part of bundle outline has gotten to be greatly focused.

Key Words

1. Contentious packaging
2. Advertisements and promotions to Muslims

Contentious Packaging - Literature Review

Bo Rundh, (2013), investigate about packaging significance on using data through different webpages, case study , personal interviews and filling questionnaires.Variables used for the study is the purchasing procedure , effective supply chain and packaging. Results indicate that the value of innovative packaging is to maintain the market competition indicate the developing in an consumer behavior and many other element is also effect explicitly on product value .the analyst should use the packaging components for attract the marketing promotion in Muslim.

Mohamed Syazwan, (2015), empirically identify the demanding success factor in a halal supply chain management. In this study comprehensive literature review is used to discover the success factor of halal supply chain. They consider government guidelines, purposeful assets, Information technology, HRM, Halal certification, Halal durability these are the variables to identify the halal supply chain but the forthcoming studies undertake to quantify the success factor are employ to the halal supply chain figure out their respective preference and suggest that further study should achieve the primary data for example industry experts conduct interview or focus the Halal supply chain is getting impact on contentious packaging

Mehmet and Yener, (2015), investigate about valuate consumer acceptance of progressive and resourceful packaging in this study the survey of 365 people around 50 person of each religion live in different areas of turkey questionnaire technique is used to identify the research purpose and 24 questions were present homogeneity analysis were used to define the link between the variable multiple regression and neutral network techniques were used . they consider consumer observance, progressive packaging ,creative packaging , purchasing opinion. They suggest that creative packaging impact is positive on consumer in turkey .

Joana Cesar, (2015), investigate about the effect of consumer satisfaction by using data of 220 defendant engage the variety which determine the collection of brand name were found 113 litigant and accuracy and estimation of brand name incorporate 107 respondent .Variables utilized for the study brand support and bias .The study uses the MANOVA was execute and conclusion was estimate that extensive comparison of brand framework Results indicate that measurement shows the implication of consistent procedure of word of mouth to protests from the argumentativeness in the packaging are the ones that evoke the most satisfying influence.

Advertisements and promotions to Muslims (Broadcast Presentation) - Literature Review

Davood Feiz, (2013), distinguish consequence of T.V promotion impact on brands and television battles in Iran by using data MTN Iran cell company in this study the 400 questionnaires transmit and 384 were reappeared and reliability and factor analysis test were used. They acknowledge advertising appeals towards promotion and Brand attitudes. All variable are significant accept and they suggest that religious faith and mindset studying is essential to admit in a new market particulate where Islamic discipline is direct impact on the value systems of a community the marketing struggle on these values would not be underestimated.

Norazah and MohdSuki, (2014), "Does advertising representation effects on Muslim and non-Muslim consumers’, by using data of Malaysia and collection of data around 250 Muslim and Non-Muslim purchaser and in this study multiple discriminant analysis technique were used. The variable include Malaysia purchase objective, TV actor endorsement and Muslim buyers. They suggest that Muslim purchasers have belief associated with that product or services approved by TV actor according to the Shariah principle which are totally consult with Islamic principles.

Hongxia Zhang, (2014), "empirically identify "emotional advertising appeals on consumer responses by using data of sample size of 391 students in which 84 MBA’s and 254 undergraduate students participates from china in this study confirmatory and ANOVA test techniques have been applied. They consider, consumer strength and advertising appeals. They suggest that consumer strength is essential part to find out the market segment and emotional advertising have high intensity to generate consumer responses.


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