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Impact of gratitude

Updated on February 24, 2011

Impact of gratitude

                                         THE POWER OF GRATITUDE

Why can’t you be grateful? It’s likely at a point you’ve heard this remark from one person to another whom likely is his/her friend, partner, child or even parents. The importance of this concept in the life of an individual cannot be over emphasize .A good number of people had not really taken a serious thought on the impact and power of gratitude.

Gratitude simply means a state of being grateful. It means it’s from the root word GRATEFUL. To be grateful means:

-Appreciative of benefit receive

-Expressing gratitude

-Affording pleasure and contentment

Gratitude is an ATTITUDE which a man over a period of time through the art of critical thinking has developed inside of himself. This attitude comes out as a reflex action in the life of the individual who possesses it. The reason why some persons cannot really show gratitude for a favor received is because the attitude is not part of them and no matter how they try, the ingratitude actions will always show up.

Every man is a product of what he/she thinks (the art of directing the mind through a line of action), and the product of thinking is what is sold to the heart. Every finished product that is fixed in the heart makes the total man.Untill you see reasons to show gratitude, who can never adopt the attitude for what you see is what you seize and what you seize is what you have to work on ponder about..

The attitude of gratitude has a lot of benefit in the life of man in general and has the ability to keep the state of a man sound and healthy emotionally and physically. In the midst of frustration, gratitude helps to see where you’ve been successful in life. Gratitude helps you to feel good about yourself knowing that a living dog is better than a dead loin. Gratitude helps you to see the better and good days of your life and make you feel that life is worth living. Gratitude helps you to see Gods goodness in your life and know that for real God is faithful.

The manifestation of this in a man helps his/her state of mind. A healthy mind is a healthy man and when the mind is in a good state, what it sells to the heart is not sick but rather things that will configure the total man positively. It brings him to a place of honor and he is seen as a good ground for seed to be sow in. It helps the emotional health of a man balance. Go for this ATTITUDE in your life and experience the power and impact of GRATITUDE in your life.


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    • Arinze Hope profile image

      Arinze Hope 6 years ago from Enugu-Nigeria

      @jojgroup Thanks,I will keep improving my writing skill

    • lojogroup profile image

      lojogroup 6 years ago from Rocklin, Sacramento, CA, USA

      I have checked all your articles and they are of high quality and fresh. For this article its needs enough experience and gain of those qualities. Thanks for the resources that help others. whatever you are representing, you represent in well manner irrespective of your qualification or field of expertise.