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Importance Of Sheppard (Jesus) To The Sheep (You)

Updated on May 6, 2011

Whose Voice Are You Following?

I'm grasping through teaching of the Word by Pastor Gary Mclamore of Pompano Beach, FL, how important is to know the importance of the relationship between Sheppard and sheep. If you ever in Pompano Beach FL stop in one Sunday morning, you'll be so blessed! It's really awesome the revelation that God gives Him to share with His people and the people recieve and grow together, flow together and go together with him to living in the fulness of God. That's his motto. I love the teaching on Knowing the voice of the Advacate VS the voice of the accuser. This was a long series and I just wanted to share some of what I got from it. I hope it bless you as it did me.

Heb 13:20 (NIV) May the God of peace, who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus that great Sheppard of the sheep. That's who He is. And the benefit to us in knowing and having a relationship with Him in part is the next verse (21) equip you with everything good for doing His will. And may He work in us what is pleasing to Him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever Amen. His will; not yours, or anyone else but the will of God for your life!. And God only do us good!

So we build a relationship with Him to know Him, His will, His voice so we won't be decieved by the wicked one to take us out of heavenly places we have in God through Jesus. We didn't have to work for it but accept the work Jesus did to provide us access to it everything good to do the will of the Father, by accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord.

The Lord loads us with benefits daily. This well known Pslams 23 tells us what revelation David (sheppard) obtained through his relationship with God. THE LORD IS MY SHEPPARD and I SHALL NOT want. Read it over and over again until you get it! Get what? the importance in the relationship between sheppard and sheep. How neccessary it is to live in the fulness of God where there is nothing needed, nothing wanted and nothing missing in your life.

Examples of Sheppards: David, Moses, and Joseph. Gen 4. First sheppard was Abel foreshadow of Christ. Satan knew that the Son of God was coming; he didn't know when or which Son born on earth it would be. So he watched and look for anyone acting like God and God favored. As time went on we see how he did in Moses day killing the children born around the time the prophecy was due and Moses was born and preserved. And he did it again when Jesus was born, killed the children hoping to stop the prophecy of the savoir brith. I say Satan did it because he has to have a body to work through. So he gets in the mind of people and convince them to act out what he wants. As do God but the choice is up to us, who we will obey.

Now, Jesus was sheppard and sheep. The bible calls Him the Good Sheppard and the Lamb of God..(He turn His back to the smitter Isa. 50:6- 53:4-5). Jesus feed us Himself. John 10:1 He goes before the Sheep (model sufferer) show us how to win every battle by knowing He conquered all in his suffering and death. 1Peter 2:24 by His strips we were healed. Beaten almost to death; 39 strips, they say the 40th strip would have killed Him but He had a mission to die on the cross; to be a LIVING sacrifice, willing and loving us so. Could you love some so to take what Jesus took or could sit or stand and watch what happened to Jesus be done to your child knowing you had power to stop it? I can't even began to know that kind of love for someone else. Especially people that disrespected, dishonored, betrayed, lied on me! Give my child to save them! But God! ONLY GOD!

ALL glory be to God! Let me get back on my thought of Jesus feed us Himself. John 10:1 He goes before the Sheep; 1Peter 2:24 by His strips we were healed. How do Jesus feed us Himself? Several ways but I'll mention 2 of them. 1. through the word. when we feed on the word of God, Jesus is feeding us Himself. The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. That was Jesus. Eat the word, you eat Jesus. Simply means take the word into your heart and mind and let it rule your soul so you can BE like Jesus, think like Jesus and do what Jesus did! 2. through communion; when we eat the bread (body) and drink the wine (His blood) of Jesus, He is feeding us Himself. There is so much here to be said about eating his body and drinking his blood but to keep it simple; we receive from Him when we do it: eternal life, health and healing, wealth of kingdom living, finances to take care of us, family and others; nations even!

Now it's time to discover who's voice are you following. We have to be careful to who we listen to. Now, in relationship and fellowship you get to know a person, you're spending time. You learn their ways, their speech and actions. You know where I'm going wiith this. If I'm acquainted with you and that's a lesser relationship and I spend hardly anytime with you then I'm not nearly as confident in saying I know you, your ways, your speech or actions. So then it would be easier to be deceived by someone telling me you said this or you did that. right? Now my question to you in the spirit, whose voice are you following? The Voice of the Advocate vs the Voice of the accuser. Advocate is someone that is with you in agreement with and the accuser is against you, make accusations against you.

So when thoughts come that says you're sick, diseased, broke, family out of order, marriage going down the drain, not good for nothing, etc..whose voice is that, Jesus or Satan? When your thoughts are, I can do all things through Christ. I'm the head and not tail, a lender and not a borrow, I'm healed, family is well, marriage is turning around for good! Whose voice is that; Jesus or Satan? Who are you listening to and more than that whose report do you believe? I pray you're saying JESUS! Because God said let God be true and every man a liar. And so it is. Amen and be it unto me!

Would you agree that Jesus paid it all. The work of the cross takes away sin once and for all. That means if I sin tomorrow, it's taken away, as with today, yesterday and forever. God will never hold sin to my charge as long as I repent of my sins. It is finished! complete! when you accept Christ, your work is over. Now you receive from His work on the cross. You learn how to be like Christ and say what Christ said and do what Christ do. Your job now is to learn to see to live in the Kingdom of God. You are covered under the blood of Jesus. God don't remember your sin anymore. He always see you as under the blood of Christ. So much to say hear but I hope you're getting an understanding to receive what I'm about to say.

Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father now. Work is finished. He came lived it out for us and now we're to do what he did. Christ is in me and I am in Christ. He's given me power over all the power of the enemy. So why do I work to be healed, or wealthy, or to make things happen in life or ministry? I shouldn't. I should believe and BE! That means to get closer to God, by reading and studying, fasting and praying and spend time talking to Him and Listening for his voice, for His leading. That takes paying close attention and very focused thinking on the kingdom principles and promises until your mind has been changed from whatever belief that doesn't line up with the Word of God. And that takes time and WORK like a job but not a job. The WORK God calls us to do is BELIEVE; have FAITH in God! That's easier said than done. Why? Because you have a devil to fight in the mind. Our thought life. The devil wants to control it and so does God. God won't make us, FREE WILL. We have to choose. So we're in a constant battle in the mind. Who are you listening to?

When we get the revelation of how to and allow our mind to change and receive the will of God. Die to self will. Then we will know how to sit, walk and stand. Jesus sitting so I'm sitting, don't have to fight my battles. Jesus walked, so I walk in the light of His word. Jesus stand/stood and I'm standing on the word of God, the promises of God. And I expect to have what Jesus have. I expect to be who Jesus is. Let this mind be in you that is also in Christ Jesus. All I'm doing is believing, building my faith in what Jesus said and did. I'm feeding on Jesus as I sit, I worship in my walk, everything I do in my everyday life, not just at church. and I work believing the word of God and applying them to thoughts and situations that comes up in my life. (warring against anything that exalts itself including myself, against the knowledge of God).

This is something we must do everyday. We must study, embrace, and practice these revelations in order to have success in our Believer's Walk. New levels and dimensions to conquer to fill the will of God for our lives. One last thought or reminder, if you're struggling with sickness remember this Isa. 53 says with His strips you were healed. That means you was healed before Jesus came, after he came, prophecy was fulfilled and it cannot be undone. You are healed right now! Learn to accept what he did (the strips) every disease, he took. Yes, whatever you're dealing with that not good and you don't want, Jesus took it so give it back to the one that put it on you, Satan. Tell him to take it back it's not yours and you don't want it or have to have it! Be Healed  of everything wrong in Jesus Name!

March 27,2011


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