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Impove your family relationships with Feng Shui

Updated on December 16, 2010

Christmas is a time for family and friends

I agree, wholeheartedly. But what if your family is the most dysfunctional family in the world? What if you're in a new place with no family to go to over the holidays? Wouldn't you like your new friends to start treating you like one of their family? Wouldn't you like your weird family to for once refrain from killing each other with sarcasm and hostility over the Christmas turkey? Do you want your boss or people at work to see you as someone crucial to their growth and give you that promotion? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you need to do something to boost your energy in the family sector of your Bagua. This area is vital if you want to feel more secure in all areas of your life, even improve your sex life.

You can find your family sector by entering through the main door and heading left towards the centre of the wall on that side. This zone of the house and the energy it puts out influences how safe and secure you feel in life and how you relate to family members (blood relations or not). The chi from this area is actually the very foundation in life, it here that you get the support to take calculated risks and go for the opportunities that life puts your way.

So let's get right down to it and take a look at what you can do to maximise the power in the family bagua.

Wood -Wood is definitely the element for this area. It will support your family relationships to grow, will offer it strength and vitality. If you've got photos of your family, display them in wooden frames in this sector of the house. Just avoid them in your bedroom. You don't want your family crowding into your sex life. You can add anything from the outdoors here like pine cones or acorns. How about using intent so that your wooden wardrobe and chest of drawers doing the trick? Place some wooden carvings of a loving family or couple and watch the family sector sizzle with positive vibes. How about bamboo, or rattan, or wicker? All of them use wood, as do of course paper.

Green - And if wood is the element here, then the colour that corresponds is green. So anything that's green is a perfect thing to place here. Have you got a lovely wicker basket? Why don't you paint it a lovely green to double the symbolism and place it here filled with books and even you magazines?

Plants - Just as wood and green will do the trick, so will actual living plants. Just make sure they are healthy and growing abundantly. You don't want dead plants here bringing negative chi. Actually, any kind of dried or dead plants are a major no-no in Feng Shui. They've got too much negative connotations and vibrations about them. If you really can't look after real plants, then you may add a lush silk one. Just make sure it is lush and kept in beautiful, dust free condition.

Rectangular and columnar items - This is the symbolic shape for wood and trees, so anything that's rectangular and columnar will work well here. How about the lovely wooden vase filled with lush fresh flowers? Just as long as they don't die on you and you change your flowers regularly they will work well here. Get your antique grandfather clock working for you in the family bagua.

Water - Water is needed to nourish your wood, so according to the creativity cycle, water is ideal for this sector. Photos or prints of oceans and rivers, lovely gondolas drifting across the canals in Venice, holiday photos of that trip to the seaside, all of them are ideal here. If you've got real water that's clean and flowing, so much the better.

Black - Just as the colour of wood is green, so the colour of water is black. I know we've got a Slytherinesque theme going here, but really, it's ideal to boost your family Feng Shui. No wonder the Slytherins seemed to always stick together and support each other. If you want to feel like one of the family, even if you aren't really related to the clan by blood, boost your water symbolism here.

Undulating forms - And since the colour and element work, then so will the shape of water. A beautiful undulating glass sculpture would be ideal here. Actually, anything that is not round or triangular would be perfect here. Remember avoid metal [round] it cuts wood, and avoid fire [triangular] it burns wood.

Now that you've done something to energise the right forms of vibrations, here at the things to remove immediately if at all possible. These items will harm and even poison the right kind of energy from this area.

Metal - As noticed above, metal is bad. It cuts and chops down wood so avoid all metal objects in this area. So if there's something that's made of metal and you just can't move it, neutralise it with fire [to symbolically melt the metal.] To add fire, use something red, pointy, triangular and of course actual fire like candles. But really, if you can move the metal, move it. It will save you a whole heap of problems.

White - Just as the element is harmful so is the colour it represents. So remove anything that's white from this area and add your lovely greens and blacks instead.

Round items - Similarly, avoid the shape of metal. Move the round items and see your family prosper.

Plastic trees - And really, must you keep your old, ugly, dead plastic tree in this sector. If you must have a fake tree, have something lush, sensual and real looking. Not a pathetic example of what you don't want your family relationships to be.

These are of course the most basic of things to do to boost your family area. Remember, intention is the keep. You must believe that your actions will bear fruit in due course. If you do, and you use affirmative statements as you move your stuff around, you will see results. You positive belief will resonate and the universe will answer. Believe and act with that surety. 

Do let me know if you tried any of these cures and do keep a log of a before and after situation. Sometimes we forget how and when things began to change.


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    • profile image

      ritzs 4 years ago

      I have a painting of waves in the ocean with red sky n creamish sun. I don't know where to put. I kept it at different directions but then things were not right at home need your guidance ...where to put this painting. Thanks

    • home witch profile image

      home witch 7 years ago from Manchester

      I do believe that it works. You must, however, do what you do with real feeling and intention. Good luck and keep me posted of the changes that happen once you've done some of the suggestions.

    • manjubose5 profile image

      manjubose5 7 years ago

      I love to maintain and improve relationship with family members or other associates. Does the Feng Shui works? But interesting facts. I am voting up. I like to know more about it.