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Improve your health with Feng Shui

Updated on March 5, 2012

Optimise your health and regain a sense of balance

If you tried various other Feng Shui cures and you still feel life is not going well for you, perhaps you need to regain a sense of balance in your life. If that is the case, or you want to really give your health issues a helping hand, then do read on. This hub is focused on the Health sector or area of the bagua.

I use the Black Hat School of Feng Shui. In it, the health sector lies at the very centre area of your home or room. So walk in through the doorway and arrive at the very centre of your space. The very centre, and the surrounding space is your Health bagua.

Once located, and it is easy to do, we are going to add or remove, energise or neutralise the type of energy that flows in that centre space. So get ready. Think positive thoughts. Use intention to focus on what you want to achieve, vocalise allow yourself to truly believe that by make a change in your space and surroundings, you can manifest a real change in your life and circumstances.

Tools to energise your Health sector

Earth - This is the element for the centre part of your room or home. You can introduce the element by adding a healthy plant in a pot made of earthenware or ceramic. As long as it is not a tree, [wood destroys earth in the Feng Shui distructive cycle which I shall explain later] it is more than suitable. If you paint your pot yellow or an earth-tone, so much the better.

Items made from earth - There are many beautiful and artistic items made from materials taken from the earth. Ceramics, clay pots, clay tiles, china, brick, natural stone, all of these are reminders of the element of earth. If you've got clay, stone or marble tiles on your floor, you've already got this area covered.

Symbols of earth - Anything that symbolises the earth is good here. From pictures of mountains to paintings of farmland, all of it is suitable here. A globe to leave on your desk, coasters with prints of landscapes, stones, crystals, anything that reminds you of Mother Earth goes here.

Yellow, gold and other earth tones - The colour of the earth is ideal for this area. From the yellows and golds of sand, to the yellow of the bananas in your fruit bowl, they all work well here. A plant in a yellow pot would be ideal, but remember to keep the plant in good condition. Yellow or gold fabric for a throw over your sofa, or a yellow tablecloth would also work well here.

Squares - Just as yellow, gold and earth tones are the colours of this element, so the shape of this element is the square. So anything that's square in shape will work here. From square tiles, to square photo frames, they all work well here.

Flat or horizontal items - Like the square shape, flat or horizontal items also replicate the element of earth. Just remember, the large wooden dining table is not suitable, since wood is destructive to earth. If you have one, immediately place some metal candles stands on it, or at least a ceramic or metal bowl filled with fruit.

Fruit - A bowl of fresh fruit can do amazing things for your health, and you don't even need to eat it all for this cure to work. A bowl of fruit can symbolise a number of things from hospitality, good fortune, prosperity and health. So place it in the centre of your space and invite health into your life. If seeing fruit displayed so prominently prompts you to eat more of it, then so much the better. Remember the yellow bananas or the red apples in your fruit bowl are especially potent cures as they hold the colours of earth and fire respectively.

Fire - Fire creates earth in the creative cycle of Feng Shui, so use it to your advantage by applying as much or as little fire as you safely can. From candles to fireplaces, as long as it is clean and in working order, it will do the trick. Fire is especially important if you've got a large, wooden dining table in the centre of your space as I do in my home. I've used a red tablecloth to symbolise fire, then used a bowl filled with fruit, apples and bananas being predominant along with candles to neutralise the wood of the table. I've also done my best to add as much as I can to symbolise both earth and fire with the changing seasons into the décor of my dining table.

Red - If fire is good, then red is good in this sector too. Red candles, tablecloth, runners and place mats can all help. Similarly, a red table lamp or lamp shade would work well too. If you've got your sofa here, a lovely rich red throw or cushions would work wonders. Christmas ornaments are especially ideal given the time, and they come in handy red and gold, which boosts both your fire and earth elements.

Sun and stars - These are elements of fire that work very well in this area. You can symbolise them with things such as paintings or pictures of sunrises and sunsets, sundials, sunflowers, even starfish. How about having candle holders with carvings of suns and stars on them? Too cheesy, how about napkins with elegant suns embroidered onto them in gold or red?

Triangular, pointed and pyramid shaped items. Just as fire and red are suitable, so is the shape that symbolises fire. So if you've got something that is pointy or triangular shaped, it will do nicely here.

Things that make you laugh - Joy and laughter is excellent for health, so anything that makes you giggle or smile is ideal here. From funny birthday cards to a drawing by your child or younger sibling, all of them are suitable. Funny photos of good times with friends, a DVD of Allo Allo, all things that bring a grin to your face can be placed here.

Religious items - Health is about balance, so if you believe in religion place your appropriate iconography or statuary here. From the star of David to a bronze casting of Buddha, from the triple goddess to an image of the Virgin Mary, all of it is appropriate here.

Things that are detrimental to your health sector. These things cause negative vibrations to your chi and must be removed or neutralised immediately.

Wood - This element is the destructive force that uproots earth and drains if of its nutrients and water. So, wherever possible, avoid having things made of wood in this sector. Especially if you've got trees or tree like plants, do move them elsewhere like into the Fame or Family section. If you can't move it, you will have to neutralise it by placing it in a big white pot, white is the colour of metal, and metal cuts trees. Then add white, red and yellow paper into or under the pot to symbolise metal to cut the tree, fire to burn the tree and energise earth, and yellsow to symbolise earth.

Green - Just as wood is bad, so the colour that symbolises the element of wood, green is bad here. So do move it if possible. Small plants can stay.

Rectangular and columnar items - Just as the element and it's colour are not appropriate for this sector, so too are tall and imposing rectangular and columnar items

Spiral staircases - This is especially dangerous in Feng Shui if it lies at the very centre of your home. Mainly because spiral staircases don't have risers it tricks the chi and causes it to keep falling through the gaps. Secondly, the spiralling action causes the chi to get dizzy and disoriented, so that the positive chi that rose from the ground floor is a dysfunctional force instead of one filled with benefits. Furthermore, spiral staircases are usually made from wood or metal, which can conflict with the area it is housed in. So if you have a wooden spiral staircase in the centre of your home, this is how to avoid it causing health problems.

1. Remove or replace it - if you can, this is the best thing to do. If you can't

2. Take a piece of fabric nd wrap it around the metal centre post of the staircase from top to bottom. If you do it right, it might not look too tacky. If you can't stand the thought of that, then

3. Paint the staircase or at least the underside of it [the treads] an appropriate colour. How about yellow or gold to boost the earth element, or white to cut the wood? If you really can't do any of those then you must at the very least

4. Light the staircase from above to lift the chi, and hide mirrors under the stairs facing up to reflect the chi back up.  This will not be a perfect solution, but it will help.

It is believed that if your chi and guas are in perfect balance and harmony that you will not have a problem with excess weight or obesity. So please do look into using Feng Shui with intent if you need to lose weight and regain your health.


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