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Improve your respectability and self-image with Feng Shui

Updated on December 6, 2010

Easy suggestions to fire-up your fame and respectibility

If you want to enhance your reputation, be mindful of what kind of reputation you want to build. Do you want to be the flaky guy or girl who never does what they say they will, or do you want to be known for your excellent time management abilities? Once you've decided what you want to be famous for, work on it. But if you want to cheat a little and have the universe boost your skills as well, then Feng Shui is a very good tool to use. Just remember, have a clear goal, make the changes in your surroundings with real intention and empower your actions by speaking your desires out loud.

The Fame and Reputation sector can be found on the far middle area of your Feng Shui square. Imagine if you will that your home or room is a square. Now, once you've mapped out the square in your mind, or on paper if your room is not really a square, divide it into 9 equal, smaller squares. If your entrance or door is at the very bottom of the square, then Reputation and Fame lies at the very centre section of the far wall. Remember, I am using the Black Hat School of Feng Shui here, so I'm not faffing about with compass directions.

Tools to help you boost your image and reputation

Fire - This is the element for Fame and Reputation. It will light up and fire your name and help you boost your self-image. Add literally all of the fire you can, safely. If your fireplace is here, you've already hopefully got this sector covered. If you're not lucky enough to have a fireplace here, and most of us are not, then you can add lanterns, candles, even a lava lamp. You don't need to keep them lit all the time, but do light them occasionally.

Lights - Just as real fire will help heat up your fame and reputation sector, so will light. Flickering lamps, pretend candles, they all work here. Just remember, what do you want to be famous for. Is it class, then lose the tacky arrangements and go for something classic.

Red - Any thing and everything red goes here, for this is the colour of this sector. Red candles especially are strong here as they incorporate both the colour and the element of fire. Just be mindful of using red lights - they do have a unsavoury connotation for some segments of society. That said, if you want to be known for being a rebel, go for it.

Triangular objects - Triangles symbolise fire, so anything in the shape of a triangle or a pointed shape will work here. Pyramids work well here, as do cacti. Anywhere else I would use cacti with care, but for here, they work very well. If you have a collection of weapons, then here is where you should house them for they all bear the sharp shape of the element of fire.

Wood - Wood literary feeds fire, so if you want to boost your fire power, incorporate wood here. Use wooden furniture, picture frames, even large treelike plants. If you want your Christmas tree to do double duty, place it in this sector and decorate it with red ornaments.

Green - If wood is good for fire, then the colour green which represents it symbolically is good here too. Given the season, you can use any green and red Yuletide decorating paraphernalia and boost this sector right now.

Television - Again, although the tele can cause disruption in other sectors, it works well here since it is a symbol of fire. If you want to be famous on television, then this is definitely the place to leave yours.

Columnar and rectangular objects - These symbolise wood, so your grandfather clock, cupboards, or vertically hung pictures all work here.

Items that represent fire - If you've got pictures of fires, stars, fireflies, volcanoes, torches, anything of that nature, here is where you should display it. A ceramic sun, a box of matches, incense, firecrackers, even, a string of red chillies, they all go here.

Stained glass - If its got red and green in it, hang it here to bring sunlight into your fame sector.

Plants - Plants bring living chi into your fame area. So add a plant, and as it grows and flourishes, so will your reputation.

Animals and things made from animals - Wool, leather, they all have living chi, so too, of course, do real live animals. They possess the fire, or life chi. Place your kitty's scratch pole in this area or the wooden bookcase with all those hefty leather-bound books. If the leather is red, so much the better. If you want to add the pictures of animals though, be careful. Do you want to be known as the tiger or shark? If you don't want to be seen as a frightened mouse, or a slimy snake, proceed with caution. Think about the message, the connotations attached to the animal you plan on placing in your fame and reputation area.

Memorabilia or pictures of people you admire - If they have a reputation you admire and want, put their stuff here. Don't just put any old celebrity here though, think about what they have achieved, are they really famous and well liked, or are they just popular? Is that what you want? If you want to be seen as a well-loved author, perhaps a picture of JK Rowling would suit? If Agatha Christie is more your speed, then have the Queen of the Detective novel celebrated here. Just make sure you are happy to one day share that same fame and reputation.

Items of recognition - Awards, diplomas, gold stars, report cards, certificates of appreciation, anything you are proud of and want to achieve again or better should go here. They will help remind the universe of your desire for more fame.

Personal wish lists - If there is something you desperately want, or want to achieve, if there's a special way in which you want the public to see you, write it here on a red piece of paper and leave it in this sector. It does not need to be publicly displayed, leaving it here with intention is enough.

Things that signify upward motion - Things and images that are associated with height like mountains, birds, balloons, stars, the sun and the moon, all the things that you need to look up to see, they can be placed here to symbolise your desire to have people look up to you.

Items that can cause harm to your desire for fame

Water - Just as fire heats up your fame and reputation sector, water puts it out. So avoid it here. If you've got your bathroom here, balance it by placing a potted plant in a ceramic pot [earth]. Yellow soap might also help. Basically though, if it is movable water, move it. That is unless you want to be a marine biologist or a world-class swimmer. Not only literal but also symbolic water should be removed. So if you've got a beautiful painting of the ocean, please move it somewhere else.

Black - Black is the symbolic representation of water, so like above, if you can, please, move your black stuff elsewhere. Even if it is something as simple as a book or a diary, it needs to be removed. Every little thing does add its own vibration.

Mirrors - Mirrors are the same as water in Feng Shui, so please, remove that mirror and stop it putting out your fire.

Things that symbolise what you are not - A picture of a sad person, a sick child, a destitute or homeless person, any of these creative representations of what you do not want to be must be removed from here. Even if they are award winning prints by celebrated photographers and that is what you aspire to be, the symbolism behind the images would be a death blow to you here. So move it. Images of animals associated with water are also not a good thing to have in this sector.

These are just some things that can help you achieve greater fame and reputation. If you have any questions please do get in touch. I'll be more than happy to help.


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