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Improving Your Tarot Reading Skills

Updated on June 10, 2013
Get your Tarot card skills in gear
Get your Tarot card skills in gear | Source

It can take time to develop the ability to read the Tarot accurately and effectively. Time and practice are the best ways to improve, but here are a couple other tips that might help you with your readings.

Learn the cards thoroughly – Having to refer back to a book to figure out the meaning of a card can really ruin the flow of a Tarot reading. Or only knowing a basic one-sentence meaning can limit how you interpret your cards. Get a well-rounded interpretation for each of the 78 cards, and make sure you know your spreads as well.

Develop your own thoughts on the cards – Get away from the book explanations, and think about the images on your cards. What do you they say to you? This isn't supposed to be a substitution for learning the "official" meanings, though some people do read strictly with their own interpretations. Just allow your own instincts to help mold how you see the cards, rather than assuming the traditional meanings are cast in stone.

Read for others – Find friends to read for on a regular basis. While reading for yourself is acceptable for practice, you aren't going to be as accurate (especially as a beginner). As with any skill, practice is the key to success. Take these practice readings seriously, and let your friends know to do the same.

Change decks – If you are really finding that this is not coming very smoothly for you, try a different deck. It may not be practical to actually buy decks, but your local Pagan or New Age shop may have a good selection as well as sample cards for you to browse through. You won't be able to do actually readings this way, but perhaps some other artwork will catch your fancy.

Spend time with your cards – Many people say you should carry your cards with you, or even sleep with them under your pillow. I'm not going to insist that this helps, but it can't hurt. The theory is that by keeping your cards close, they will pick up your own energy and make them work better for you.

Keep a journal – Record all your practice readings, especially if you are reading to predict future events. You might be surprised how something you saw in a reading actually makes more sense after the fact.

So if you are finding that your Tarot reading skills aren't as good as you'd like, make sure to practice and try a few of these ideas to build your intuitive skills. Just remember that it takes time, like any other art form.

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    • profile image

      MysticMoonlight 4 years ago

      Nice tips you have here. I read Tarot also and your tips for building and strengthening your skills are right on. I love Tarot and only wish I had more time to spend with my cards!

      Voted :)