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In All Your Getting

Updated on June 8, 2011

Be Love

What does this mean? If you read *ACIM you can realize no one could have written it but someone who loves you without reservation. **Helen was just the hand that held the pen. She prayed that her suffering could end. ACIM answered her prayer because she was willing to learn how to change herself; not others, for you cannot change others; only love changes others, only love changes you.

Get love. Now attach any verb of action to the word love:
Make the word a noun, make it something that moves; alive.

Learn love, nurture love, culture love, breath love, Be love. Sleep with love, desire love, express love, give love, share love, include love, Time love, watch it come and go, watch it stay, receive love, accept love, look for love, find love, get love.

Enjoy the sweet sorrow of love’s departure. Celebrate it’s return. Expound on love, Feel love, touch love, honor love, embrace love, set love free to fly, watch love, glimpse love, praise love, be grateful for love, see, hear, move in love, notice the love, listen to your body speak of love, each cell joyously alive speaks of love, chase love, laugh with love, you are love, have you forgotten?

Feel the opposite to love. What is that? Fear is the nearest opposite to love, but since love has no opposite as it is not dual in nature, we say fear is the nearest opposite to love, not hatred, but fear is the nearest opposite.

In this way love does not yield to hatred, nor fear, for nothing is real that is not love. Nothing is permanent that is not love. The ego is something you made up about yourself; therefore what you have made is not real, but you are granted the free will to make up self images, seemingly loveless, and separated from God, in your mind.

Hatred is self love that hoards the treasure of love unto itself and secretly, the ego thinks it is protecting something in danger. Instead give yourself away and watch what happens to your soul. Hatred and fear flee in the presence of love; hatred and fear dissolve like shadows in sunlight. Where does a shadow go when sunlight comes? Do we say, bring forth the shadow? No, now we are focused in light and the dark is not there. Where did it go? We do not know; it is not real now. Only love is real; only health is real. Sickness is not real. It is not the truth of us; what is love, what is holy cannot be ill. Do you understand the lie of what is not truth?
Do you understand we are the ones who make illness real and to be the truth of ourselves. The entire world is sick. We see this, but we no longer believe it is true. We see holiness everywhere we looks, for we are the Light, and we have come to spread it where it needs to be spread, knowing it is not the ego that does this, for the ego has become a no-thing and has ceased it’s useless blathering when the Light descended and let you know of your holiness.

Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists. Hatred does not exist because it is like a season of harsh winter; it passes and is no more. It is forgotten in the springtime of life. All the while love is remembered. Even unto death, love is remembered, hatred is forgotten for it was not real.

Get love, be loving, remember love, be kind, be love, grow in love, give thanks for love, watch love grow, see it flower, all is love and nothing else exists that matters.

* A Course In Miracles

** The scribe of A Course In Miracles


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