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In Christ We Are Worthy

Updated on August 14, 2017

In Christ We are Worthy

Since Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden we have been living in a world full of sin.

We are all sinners by nature.

We put our fellow neighbors down instead of lifting them up.

We see the bad in everything and forget the good.

We take what we have for granted and complain that are lives are bad.

We are never satisfied with our accomplishments and greedily want more.

We poison our bodies with unhealthy foods until we lazy and sick.

We discriminate against our fellow brothers and sisters because of the way they look or the color of their skin.

We are unworthy of God's love when we live this way.

But there is hope.

If we surrender our selves to God and accept Jesus Christ as our savior we can have a new life.

Jesus died on the cross for us, so we can be forgiven for our sins.

By Christ alone we are Worthy of God's Grace.

Jesus is a light in the darkness.

Will you follow him?


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