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The Unbeliever Needs Our Witness, Not Our Condemnation.

Updated on December 27, 2018
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I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

Does Our Witness Honor Our God?

 Our witness can become the reason for another's unbelief.
Our witness can become the reason for another's unbelief. | Source

No Room for Unbelief; Give Me a Break

There are two main issues surrounding the unbelief of the existence of a God that demands a payment for personal sin and whether or not the Christian really has the only answer. The simplest of answers and the Truth is, that there IS a God that demands the death penalty for personal sin as defined in the Word and that Jesus is the only solution to avoid the death penalty for any and all of mankind. NO wiggle-room around this statement, nor does this set well with those who oppose the Way. Remember, God does not run a "Let's Make a Deal" show when life and eternity are the consequences.

  • First issue: why is there unbelief and ....
  • ....secondly: what is the role of the "believer" when it comes to unbelief.

Please note: every believer on this planet carries within themselves heresy of some form or another: some, very little, others, a way too much. No one is perfect this side of heaven, thanks to the flesh we find ourselves living within. 1st John 1:6-10 states that if you think you are now perfect, you are deceived and the Truth is not in you, for you make God out to be a liar and the "logos" is not in you. Some take this passage as addressing non-believers, but not so: this was a personal letter written to Christians alone. Be very careful, if you are one who believes in the perfection of the saints this side of heaven. Paul struggled with sin and I think his godliness still far outshines anyone this side of glory.

Their Thankfulness Will Be Very Short Lived.

Unbelievers minds will be changed.
Unbelievers minds will be changed. | Source

He is Not Too Far From the Truth

The Offense Is Yet To Come
The Offense Is Yet To Come | Source

Why Unbelief?

Sadly the answer is very short and concise and many believers as well have a problem with the answer: for God wills it to be so. Just as easily, God could have willed all men to be saved but we know that is not the case for multitudes die in sin and with a hatred of God to the very end. He does not have to explain His way or thoughts on the matter and we cannot use as an excuse someone else's teachings or our lot in life, for our judgment lies solely upon our shoulders . There is no safety in numbers. On the practical side; He does exactly as He pleases; He cares not for any of man's reasoning; nothing will thwart His purposes and He will save whom He chooses.

As to the picture and quote of Bertrand Russell, our God is not offended by unbelief but He is wrathful when the time comes for judgment. As a side note: our God is never disappointed in any of His children at any time! A bold statement you say! Disappointment comes from expecting a certain result or action and being "let down" by it not coming to pass. Our God expects nothing for He knows everything! The provisions for our correction have been at the ready long before our misdeed ever occurs, for whom He loves He chastens. One thing I tell those in my Bible studies is that I am not smarter than anyone else; it is just that I have made a whole lot more mistakes over the years and as a child of the King, I have been blessed with hard earned wisdom. Never equate how He has brought you to the place where you now stand with the life of another, for we are not the measuring stick for anyone else's position in Christ. The Word, the presence of the Holy Spirit and the love of the brethren will lead each one to measure their own standing.

As Jesus said, "the poor you shall have with you always..." so shall there be unbelievers.

Hard Lessons in Life

A believer is not immune from hard lessons.
A believer is not immune from hard lessons. | Source

A Brief Discourse on Unbelief vs Belief


  • There are none that understand or seek after God. Romans 3:11
  • All have sinned. Romans 3:23
  • The wages of sin is death. Romans 6:23

Being an unbeliever is very easy; do nothing, but also a very dangerous occupation if you are wrong.


  • There is no condemnation to them which are in Christ. Romans 8:1
  • Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10:13
  • Saving faith comes by hearing the words (rhema4487 - the written or spoken) of God. Romans10:17

Then how does an "un-seeking" individual ever come to the place where they can actually hear the words. The key is that they are drawn by the Father to the Son (John 6:44) and the Holy Spirit turns on the Light and a new birth happens in an instant, fully accepted in the Beloved.

Every believer can only truly testify to how they were drawn to our Lord; for in my case I was the proverbial mule who needed a 2x4 across the bridge of my nose to get my attention. I was a young injured Marine suffering from unbelievable depression. I went home one last time to see if there was anything for which to live and for a strange reason I went an older man's home just to talk for he had been very kind to me in the past. That night, salvation found a home in my godless being and thanks to my Savior I have never looked back.

I have been asked the question: would I like to be 20 years old again? Without hesitation, I said no way, for some of the lessons I have learned along the way have included the loss of a daughter, all brothers and sisters, mother, father and too many friends along with some very heavy chastening at times. Though saved, I do not want to go back to school so to speak for the new lessons are more than challenging enough.

Actions Speak More Deeply Than Words

 Do others have a reason to avoid you?
Do others have a reason to avoid you? | Source

Enemies Are Made Very Easily

Are you a faithful or frustrating witness?
Are you a faithful or frustrating witness? | Source

What Must the Believer Do?

Let us set down some simple ground rules first:

  1. We do not know whom God the Father is drawing or will draw to the Son; that lies solely in the will of God.
  2. Even some the worst of sinners that we see operating around us today could be a fellow believer in the making.
  3. It is not of our concern whether our message is received or not, for it is not our message but our Lord's, and finally.
  4. It is our faithfulness alone that pleases God (Hebrews 11:6).

What must we be about?

  • Stop condemning the sinners for that is the job of the Holy Spirit if they are being wooed to Jesus. Jesus spoke freely about righteousness and the end of those who do not repent but the only people in the Word He ever condemned were the self-righteous Pharisees.
  • Live your life in such a way as to keep yourself open to the needs of the lost. They must know where we stand but not as to fear our self-righteous indignation. Remember, sinners do what sinners do best, they sin; just like you and I before we were convicted of our plight.
  • No sin as far as eternity is concerned is worse than another. When you hear the testimony of a convicted murder redeemed to Christ as I personally have while visiting Terminal Island prison in California, it is something to behold. You don't have to look very hard to find the testimonies of those redeemed from a life of homosexuality, demonic cults, Christian cults, prostitution, etc. He has chosen the weak, the simple and the nothings of this world that He should receive the glory. We do belong to a select group! If you think you are someone extra special with your talents and abilities, they mean nothing to God save they are used in service to His kingdom.

How many of you can testify to being saved by an overbearing, self-righteous, brow beating, condemning Christian? Strange isn't it that some caring person actually took an interest in your eternity and lovingly lead you to the Savior.

  • Stop this vitriolic condemnation across the internet and social media, where you can operate in fair anonymity: the cowards guise. That includes fellow believers who may not exactly match your views on Scripture. No wonder the world thinks we are hypocrites and are known for shooting our wounded; I would avoid a crowd like that myself.
  • Lastly, if you do love Jesus, make everyone available to ask you for the Hope that lives within you. A local dentist advertises, that his patients receive NO condemnation for the sorry state their teeth are in due to years of neglect from him or any of his staff. Sinners always come with years of neglect to their spiritual health and the last thing they want to hear is condemnation out of the mouth of someone that supposedly holds the medicine for their eternal well being. Keep up the bad-mouthing and two things will follow: 1) no one will seek out the Jesus that you proclaim and 2) as God spoke to Israel; the only reason He had a bad name among the heathen was because of His people. Don't expect a lot gold, silver and precious gems when the Bride is judged and made clean.

The world needs us now more than ever!!!!!!!!


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