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In God We Trust all

Updated on November 5, 2015

"In God We Trust" is the official motto of the United States and very rightly we have to trust in God due to His wonderful countless millions of millions blessings in the universe.

Infinite universe
Infinite universe

Infinite Universe

Let me say what scientists say about this universe. This universe includes planets, stars and galaxies. Presently as estimated this universe is around 28 billion light years in diameter. One light year is a distance travelled by light in one year and that is more than 6 million miles. This is the part of universe that is known to mankind whereas in actual scientists admit that the whole universe is infinite.

Sun and earth have certain path to follow and so do other millions of stars and planets in this universe. There is someone who is controlling this all universe and that is God.

Imagine if we have more than one master controlling this universe what would happen? The system would be contradicted and huge destruction could occur due to imposing ownership by all masters. They would go to wars to win other’s land and space and eventually no one would be 100% safe from other. But our universe is owned and governed by only one master and that is God. God created soul of humanity. He is most affectionate.

Living Species

According to estimates there could be living species on our planet are around 5-100 million but so far only 2 million are known yet. This simply elaborates the powers of the master greater God and how anyone could deny this fact?

Figure (in millions) approximate
Mushrooms, moulds

Trees and Plants

Plants and trees are of hundreds of hundreds categories and each has its own characteristics. There are reported to be over 23,000 different kinds of trees found in the world. Many trees remain green through the life whereas there are trees which loose old leaves and bring new leaves each year. Trees not only increase the natural land beauty of the earth but also plays an important role in absorbing carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Typically a tree in year can absorb 48 pounds of carbon dioxide and in 40 years this limit can reach more than 1 ton and releases enough oxygen back into the atmosphere that can support 2 human beings and in year for more than 730 inhale in a year. Trees not only clean and help maintaining good atmosphere and temperature but they also help protecting soil from erosion. Wood taken from the trees is many ways like in furniture manufacturing, for fire, glue and hundreds other materials and its leaves are used in medicine whereas flowers gives fragrance as well as beauty as well. We don’t have in fact enough words to praise the God for the trees.



Around 71% of the Earth's surface is covered with water. The sea is a wonderful and fascinating world of water. It is full of sea creatures and various kinds of living species. Prominent ocean include Atlantic ocean, Arctic ocean, southern ocean, Indian ocean, Pacific ocean and landlocked seas. The waves when turn into tides can be dangerous and destroy the complete Iceland and cities. It is amongst the amazing creation of God.


The soil that cultivates the fruit and eatable tree products is same but it produces products having different taste, color and odor.

Soil is top layer of the earth’s crust. It consists of mineral particles, organic matter and air which are vital for plant growth and it provides various vital functions like it acts as an interface between the air and the earth, it stores the water thus serves as water storage that is why our earth has grass and beautiful landscape. It also helps in decomposing the masses dig into it.

Best of best creation of God is Human Beings

Humans are among the best creations of God. The current world population is around 7.3 billion. Imagine each human has different shapes and faces. Even the fingerprints of one human can never be repeated in another human. Is not it amazing? Let me write here few interesting facts about human body.

Latin America
North America
Total World Population
Source: 2015

Human hearts supplies blood to the whole body. Heart beats around 100,000 times a day and even beats when you are sleeping and never stops still death. Blood contains red cells which carry oxygen inside the body which is created inside the bone marrow of bones.

Each human has unique fingerprints and not only finger prints humans also have unique tongue prints as well. This is unbelievable fact. The left side of body is controlled by the right side of brain while the right side of body is controlled by the left side of brain. All living specifies have senses including seeing, smell, taste, touch, hear. There are genes in bod which are made up of DNA. It carries its qualities through inheritance process.

Amazing it is as well to know that there are 45 miles of nerves in the skin of a human being. The human body contains 100 trillion cells and around 300 million cells die every minute. Can you believe our Jaw muscles can impose 200 pounds of force to bring the back teeth together for chewing. No doubt human is the best creation among all others created by God. If we try to count God’s blessings, we could never count them.


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