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In His Honor. A Testimony.

Updated on December 12, 2014

About how powerful God is working in my life...

God is amazing. Think of what life would be like if there were no "surity" of heaven. I would have much more difficulty. I would not have God's special protection, especially when I pray and when I ask for it!

I would be 'fending for myself in a world that is dark with sin'. There would be no guarantees about anything.

I am so grateful for the real presence of Christ in my life and for His faithful protection. I am sure I've been in danger many times especially today.

For example, what happened today was I was overtired while I was driving home, on the highway. I got an intense anxiety attack because I knew I needed to get home but it is difficult to drive tired so I prayed to God for help. I realized not long after that I had been sinning recently and I asked God to please forgive me and help me and I would repent (do better.) [As Christians we often fall over and over, but main point is to keep getting up.]

I'm glad He gave me the chance to say I'm sorry that is to say, I had been blinded by what I was doing, and He pointed it out to me, by just putting that (thought) in my mind, and as I heard some church bells tolling, that's when it really hit home.

Soon, I found myself close to home. I was able meanwhile to take back roads home which helped greatly and my GPS helped me but I know God protects me. I just know He does....He doesn't let bad things happen to me.

Since I was young, I have had His protection and I have prayed. I can say more recently, that since I've accepted Him as my savior that He is more faithful to me than ever!

I have been healed of 20 years of suffering. I feel the best I have in roughly two decades. You can buy my book if you want to read more! I also recommend this one below called "Lighthouse". It has many testimonies of many people and it's very inspiring. I've been reading it for the past month or two.

~ I can't find it on, but if you want a free copy of the book Lighthouse, email your complete name, address, and phone number to them at and they will email you a file containing your free copy of "Real Life Stories 3"

It's a wonderful book. I've really enjoyed reading it.



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