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Higher Vibration Reality

Updated on October 7, 2014

Moving up in Vibration

We are now metaphysically morphing into lighter beings, loving more is part of it, loving everything, becoming more sensitive, and more aware of the spiritual world.

In my world, events started to show up similar to extraordinary and miracle-like, components of higher realities. Alice's wonderland introduced us into an illogical atmosphere. Everything was backwards, nothing made sense. That is our world here. Alice showed us the world we live in; an upside down illogical place that doesn't make sense. Where nothing flows, or works together on higher planes. The higher realms are where all flows together, where all healing is possible, and where everything has a continous connectivity.

It was 2006, when I received a long prose from a place outside myself. I knew something supernatural had occurred, and I longed to explore and experience more. Something started dictating and I labored to keep up with the writing. Ever since, I was open to other 'things'.

My eating habits changed, and I desired less and foods that were alive, of higher frequencies. I started drawing, a talent I thought was non-existent and my goals were directed towards more compassionate ones. For a strange time, I had no idea what was arising, but something glorious had started working with me.

Going into this new place holding on with caution, I still felt uneasy and suspicious. “This can’t be,” I used to say, "something is not normal." Becoming more aware, I noticed new situations and opportunities entering my life, new people, different people. They stopped entering and started leaving too. I was directed towards writing movies, meeting all kinds of film people, and connecting with others writing movies. I had no idea why, it persisted till I realized this was a road to explore. I was curious what would happen next, what would show up.

In January of 2012, my physical body started showing signs of renewal and my spiritual senses heightened. I discovered an energy tuned into the frequencies of the earth moved into my body. I felt like a weathervane. When I first noticed, I video-taped it to convince myself I wasn’t purposely moving. An energy was rocking me back and forth. I did some reading on it and found I wasn’t alone. I watched this go on for a year, and in January 2013, I saw that it was moving me sideways, in circles, and spinning me in directions indescribable. It would change patterns sides to spins, stop, then change again. After a year, it still makes me dizzy, but is a normal presence I've adjusted to.

Evolution took its course and synchronicities appeared, while my five senses sharpened. I heard an angel choir chant, smelled apple pie and coffee at 1am. I started to see faerie sparkles; they were the brightest little tiny star-like dots in clusters floating a foot away gathering to hope I'd notice. I researched to convince myself I wasn’t losing marbles from holes overlooked..

Once your talents are shown to you, it seems you are able to peek into your past lives as well. Glimpses were shown to me sparked by daily actions in: things I saw, read, or dreamt. They were confirmed by other sources unbelievably. It seems everything is merging together, barriers are moving aside. As this is my own sequence of events, I’m sure others will have their own unique blueprinted path to journey through and share, and this is spectacular. Just when things seem to normalize, another far-out episode emerges to remind you of where you are headed, upwards.


Waking Up Now


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