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In Praise of Top Parapsychologist Stephen Mera

Updated on March 24, 2016

I’ll admit this from the start – I am a huge fan of things that go bump in the night.

Though I am not professing to have any concrete evidence of paranormal activity, I live in hope that proof of the supernatural will be conclusively found.

My treasured copy of The Unexplained. Eek!
My treasured copy of The Unexplained. Eek!

After a childhood spiked by finding a hidden stash of ‘Unexplained’ magazine, I have spent my adult life absorbing all manner of television shows that concentrate on the spooky side of life. Most Haunted, Ghost Adventures – I adore them. However – and this is a candid confession – I can only watch them during the safety of daylight!

Yesterday's World. My only foray into ghost hunting happened here.
Yesterday's World. My only foray into ghost hunting happened here. | Source

I have been on one ghost hunt, I spent a few hours one winter chasing supposed ghouls around a closed tourist attraction called ‘Yesterday’s World’ in Sussex. The scariest thing was a bad waxwork of Margaret Thatcher. It still gives me the chills.

Thanks to the wonder of YouTube, I have been sating my scary appetite by looking for ghostly footage online. Amidst the beauty of intelligent search, Steve Mera appeared on my sidebar. As if by magic!

Phenomenal Phenomena!

I watched Steve Mera’s ‘Phenomenal Phenomena’ presentation at the ‘We Are Change – New Horizons St Anne’s’. I’ll admit it I – I’ve watched it a couple of times. Steve speaks in a way that makes me want to listen, and I have a trust in what he says. He certainly has an honesty about him – something sometimes lacking from the TV shows I have seen.


On the back of the video, I bought his book entitled ‘Strange Happenings’. I thought I was a seasoned paranormal expert – not so! I learned much from Steve’s investigations.

If you are at all interested in the paranormal, I suggest you look Stephen Mera up. You will probably learn something. And, if you are really interested in the field, Stephen runs a course in the subject – something I plan to take up in the future. The British Investigators Training Course sounds like an excellent opportunity. If I’m able to do it all in the safety of daylight, of course.


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