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In a Season of Waiting? Precious Lessons and Encouragement for Singles from the Book of Ruth Pt 1

Updated on April 8, 2012

Have you ever wondered if there was a book of the Bible that you could read and understand in one sitting? The book of Ruth is one such book, that tells the story of Ruth and God’s faithfulness to her. There are 4 chapters in the book of Ruth, but these 4 chapters are brimming over with precious of God’s love and faithfulness. Each time I read this book, I am encouraged and challenged to trust God and honor God, especially in this season of life as a young adult.

As a single young adult, one of the books of the Bible that has always captured my attention and heart is the book of Ruth. It is all about love, romance, dedication, pain, and God’s faithfulness. When I did the study of Ruth a few years back, I was really struck by God’s faithfulness toward those whom He loves, and those who honor Him.


Recently, I reread Ruth all over again, and the lessons that I had learned were refreshed in my heart. This hub will share some of the precious lessons that I have learned.

1. Honor God above all else

When Ruth’s husband died, Naomi, Ruth’s mother in law, asked Ruth to go back to her own family, and her own gods. Ruth’s sister-in-law, Orpah, went back to her biological family. However, Ruth refused, and told Naomi that she would not leave her and would stay with Naomi and follow whichever God Naomi followed.

Ruth was determined to stick with Naomi, and she even said “May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if anything but death separates you and me.” In those days, becoming a widow without any child was like losing all social status, and Ruth probably said this out of loyalty to her mother-in-law. However, I believe that during her marriage, Ruth probably gained a deeper understanding and knowledge of God, such that she wanted to follow Naomi and her God.

God honored Ruth’s desire to honor Him, and her reputation also spread among the town as a women who was honorable. This reminds me of how we need to honor God in all our relationships, including those that my be difficult. The Bible commands us not to be unequally yoked in our marriages, and this is one area that Christian singles can purpose to honor God in all our relationships, trusting that He will provide what is best for all of us. In the end, if we read the genealogy in Matthew, baby Jesus descended from the line that included Ruth and Boaz. How cool is that!

2. God’s timing is perfect

One of the things that struck me in Ruth was how she met Boaz. In the span of four chapters, things appear to move rather quickly, but it must have felt like a really long time to Ruth. She must have also felt deep uncertainty about her future, especially since the identity of wife and mother was closely linked to women in those days. Ruth lost her husband, and had no children at that time. What would happen to her in her old days now that she had decided against going back to her own family?

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