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In my mystic religious opinion

Updated on October 21, 2016

Any place of worship have mystic atraction for the believers

Religions are set on mystic feelings that the believers have within themselves. We seem to have this attraction to spiritual entities. We build basilicas, churches, mosques and other places of worship and when we enter them we feel as if God is there
Religions are set on mystic feelings that the believers have within themselves. We seem to have this attraction to spiritual entities. We build basilicas, churches, mosques and other places of worship and when we enter them we feel as if God is there

My mystic religious opinion

May God guide and help me to say the right things?

Dear readers, this is our religious bub 103. I am writing it because of my mystic religious feelings that I feel within my soul, I am going to continue to write these religious articles, even if they are not very popular, at the present time. So, this hub that I am writing now, in a way is the continuation of our last hub, ‘In my opinion 1’. Where we were talking about our religious opinions in general. So, in this article let us continue to write about those religious opinions that we have formed during our lives. Because during our lives we have learned many things and we have done many things also.

Anyhow, today by using what I have learned from life, I am going to write another chapter about religions, and what they do to humanity. In order to do that, let us start to compare in a general way the gods that humanity believes in today, and what they have believed in the past; and then, try to work out which one of these gods is the best god for humanity to believe in today.

As we all know, today there are many gods and many religions as well, which we could use to compare with our religious opinions. You see, when we look at the world civilizations that we know about, it seems to me that every civilization has had its own gods and religions, these religions have somehow guided humanity with its written or oral rules. Today some of these religions have died out, and some of these religions are still with us today, in fact, some of them have been there for thousands of years, mostly the way that they were at the beginning.

So, today we have to ask ourselves which one of these existing Gods and religions would be the best to follow, and whether the god and religion we choose would be good enough for the needs that exist in the world today, because today the needs are different from the past.

You see, we could say that most of the existing civilizations are grouping together, so, there is no more the need to be religiously isolated, in order to survive. The people trend today is becoming global; therefore, when people live together, it would be better if they believe in the same God, it would work out better for everybody; we believe that it would be the only way for globalization to work out well. In fact, we believe that humanity needs to believe in the same God. Because God and religions is just another link that keeps the people together, for that reason we need a god that is able to link to all existing religions.

Having said that, now let us just imagine, that we all would believe in the same God, and this God that we are talking about turns out to be good for all the people on earth. If that happens, then we all could live in peace and prosperity, at least in a religious way, since religions would not have to compete with each other anymore. We know that this does not fix everything, since we need also to overcome our personal aggressive ways, which sometimes makes us fight each other for many other reasons. But let us look first at our religious needs, and then we will talk about our personal behaviour.

So, let us go back to talk about our human religious needs, since we believe that humanity needs to believe in God and religions. Anyhow, we believe that today because a lot of things have changed, there are too many religions and religious beliefs in the world that could easily clash with each other. So, while we have a lot of choice to choose from, to choose the right religion is not going to be easy. It is for this reason that one would like to compare those religions that one knows most. Now, since I happen to be originally a Roman Catholic, which is a religion that derives from the Bible, first of all we are going to start looking at the Bible and some major religions that we believe derive from the Bible. After we have done that, we will be looking at other religions as well, even if we don’t know a great deal about them. Anyhow, here under, let us start talking about The Old Testament and Yahweh God of the Israelite, and how this God was needed in those times.


The Bible book and Moses

The Bible is the religious and history book of the Israelite. We believe that it was started from Moses, at least the first five books of the Bible, are attributed to Moses, since all those things that happen in them have happened during Moses time
The Bible is the religious and history book of the Israelite. We believe that it was started from Moses, at least the first five books of the Bible, are attributed to Moses, since all those things that happen in them have happened during Moses time
One day Moses went on Mount Sinai, where he found God in the form of a burning and talking bush. When Moses asked God who was he, he said I am Yahweh the God of Abraham. Then many other things followed from this meeting.
One day Moses went on Mount Sinai, where he found God in the form of a burning and talking bush. When Moses asked God who was he, he said I am Yahweh the God of Abraham. Then many other things followed from this meeting. | Source

The Bible God and others

The Bible as most of us know was started from the Israelite, it was their religious and history book as well. In those old times not many people were able to write, so, anything that was important enough to remember, was passed down from word of mouth from generation to generation. Of course there were some writers and most of them would be religious leaders, who needed to know just about everything that was happening around them, so that, they could control the people in a religious way. For this reason, religions were designated to control the people. We have also to say that of course there were spiritual events that happened in those times and those smart religious leaders were able to use them to their advantage.

We have mentioned spiritual events above, because here we are going to talk about one of the most important spiritual event in the Bible, which we believe it is when Moses went on Mount Sinai and met God in the form of a burning bush. This burning and talking bush told Moses that he was the God of Abraham, his name was Yahweh and he would help the Israelite return to their Promised Land.

Readers please note; this spiritual event is the reason why, and how the Bible was started from the Israelite. At that point of time, the Israelite needed a God that would help them get free from the Egyptian Pharaoh slavery. Apparently Moses found Yahweh at the right time, and so the Israelite were freed. They were freed because they believed that their God Yahweh would help them, according to the Bible Yahweh helped them a lot. Here we are not going to say whether we believe everything that it is written in the Bible, about the several events that followed, where Yahweh is described as waging war against the Egyptians. Anyhow, at the end, it worked out all right for the Israelite.

Now we would like to point out that in most religions and religious beliefs, people seem to have a God that has been make exactly for their needs, and for their temperament. In the case of the Israelite Yahweh was a very strong willed God and so were the Israelite people. So, they seem to have been made for each other on purpose, whether it just happened or the writers set it up this way, we will never know.

In the case of the Vikings, Thor their God is a very strong and sometimes violent God, just like the Vikings themselves. Again here they seem to be made for each other.

The Muslim religions have Allah that is supposed to the Hebraic God Yahweh, which is the God of Abraham, but the Muslims describe Allah more warlike than Yahweh, in fact it is so warlike that as soon as something goes wrong, in the Islamic religions they start talking about the (holy war) jihad. Our guess is that when those God and religions are being made, the writers have to match first of all the needs of the people at the time when that religious article is being written, and then, also God and the people, so that a balance is reached where they can work together well.

Now that we have said a few things about religions, and how we believe they have been formed, we could continue to say a lot more with more examples, but we believe that it is not necessary. Since what we wanted to point out here, is that religions are man-made, because they are made to fit the needs of the people. They are man-made even if there is proof that spiritual entities exist and they have taken part in mankind business.

Now that we have proved that religions have been made from mankind, mankind should be able to change religions if they want to. So, it is all a matter of which religion is the most suitable religion for todays’ needs. If there isn’t any religion that would fulfil our needs, then a religion that is compatible with all existing religions needs to be created, so to speak.

Since all religions are based on spirituality, it becomes necessary that we describe the spiritual entities that would be able to fulfil today needs, starting with what sort of God the world needs today.

Which God this world needs

Dear readers, as you can see we have proved at least to ourselves that religions are man-made, because they have all been made to control and serve the people that are following them. We know that what we are saying here, it is not what the people would like to hear these days, but we have to say it anyhow. For this reason, we know that there are a lot of people that will not agree with us, but this is how we see God and religions within our mystic mind, so, let us procced to our next stage and what we need to do, in order to find a God for everybody.

Today, because the entire world is going global, we should be looking at what sort of God the world needs today, you see, we need a God that would be able to satisfy everybody in the entire world. So, let us just imagine what the world needs now and in the future. There is no question about it that we need a world of peace and prosperity for all humanity. In order to have peace and prosperity we need to plan for it. We need to plan for it just like the Israelite did, as they wanted their God Yahweh to help them go back to the Promise Land, so, they got help from their God, just because they prayed and believed in their God Yahweh that Moses met on Mount Sinai.

In those times we need to note that the Israelite needed a God, which would keep them together as a group to fight against their enemies, and so, they did. Now, let us see what we need to know for something like that to happen today, since today needs are very different. You see, today we don’t need a God that fights for us, we need only a loving God that brings together all communities, but that is not as simple as it sounds, so, let me explain how I see this issue. Because we humans have two sides; one is our physical side attached to earthly things, and then there is the spiritual side attached to our spiritual beliefs and God. Anyhow, these two sides need to work in harmony, for us to achieve peace and prosperity, so let us plan how we could do that.

I believe that it is up to us human to make it happen, because if we plan everything properly, it could happen just the way that we have planned it. We have to believe that if there are spiritual entities, as we believe there are, they would take notice of us and our needs, as there is no need for us humans to believe in something that could not and would not help us. So, let us see what we can suggest for these spiritual things to happen the right way, which would be the way that would be helpful to all humanity. I hope that you agree with me that at least we need a loving God to achieve that, and at the same time we need a neutral God that is able to link all religions together, so that all existing religions are equal in the eyes of God, and also the people believe that they are treated equal.

So, let us just imagine how that could be done. I believe that we need to describe God and the spiritual world, in such a way that it is compatible with all existing Gods and religions. We need to do that because the entire world populations these days are mixing up, it seems as if there are no more boundaries in the world, therefore the world needs a God and religion with no boundaries as well, so that they could match each other well.

We believe that in order to describe a God that is able to link all existing religions together, we need to move away from the old ways that were using only the two known sides of life, which were physical and spiritual only. You see, today we know that there is a third side, which are the life forces energies that exist in the universe, which could be the missing link that links this earthly life to God. So, our future God is going to be described as being part of the existing life forces energies of the universe, where God plays the most important part, and this God will be described as a super God that links all existing Gods together.

We know that at the beginning the description of our future God is not going to be easy to understand, but if we continue to explain this new spiritual God again and again, then people would realize that this new way of seeing God is perhaps the only way that God could be linked to all existing life and religions, and also, if we accept and believe in this new God the entire world could be able to live in harmony, in a religious way.

I believe that I have already said enough in this article, so, see you in our next article, where we are going to describe most of all, God and the spiritual world, as we see them in the future.

May God bless us all?



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