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In the Shoes of Thomas S. Monson

Updated on August 15, 2012

Take A Minute

Have you ever imagined being in the place of an ancient prophet? Moses, who ran away from the Pharaoh, returning again in time to free the slaves. Joseph, who was sold by his brothers into Egypt and eventually helped keep the nation alive. Abraham, asked to sacrifice his only son. Noah, asked to build the arc and provide for all the animals of the earth.

Have you ever imagined being in the place of a modern prophet in early Church history? Joseph Smith, bringing the gospel of Christ back to the world in its fulness. Brigham Young, guiding the Saints through the wilderness to find a new home.

Modern-day Sodom

Finally, have you considered what it would be like to be in the place of the current prophet, President Thomas S. Monson? His position is no less important than the position of any of the previously mentioned prophets, but it is often not thought about in its entirety. He is not leading the nation of Israel through the wilderness. He is not leading the Saints through the wilderness. He is not translating ancient records. But he is guiding the kingdom of God on earth in a period of time when the wickedness of the world has reached new heights.

Sodom and Gomorrah, the cities known for their wickedness in the Bible, were destroyed with fire and brimstone by the Lord. The comparison has been made that those cities and the wickedness in our world now are similar, if not worse now. To be able to lead the Saints through a world that in steadily losing its morals all while remaining positive on the outcome of things would be a most challenging experience. Yet President Monson does it continuously. Every day he is setting an example of what people could be like, of how to love your neighbors, how to remain strong when the world is fighting so hard.

Like Enoch of old, Monson does his best to teach the things of the Lord to all who will listen, creating a Zion for the Saints to leave the sins of the world.

Stand In Holy Places

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