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In-accessed treasures!

Updated on October 13, 2013

Treasures within - analogies-Kanchi Acharya.

The treasure trove is verily within our reach!

What is treasure? What is a treasure trove? Why people do not access to the treasure trove within oneself?

The treasures i talk here are not earthly one. Earthly treasures are passing clouds. The wealth, we hoard in banks, the property we acquire over the years, the gold we keep in safe vaults, these are not real treasures. In fact, these change hands quickly. If you put more money in bank, the income tax people hound for it by way of tax. If you keep money in the house, away from the gaze of tax authorities, then it will be a easy target for thieves. Some time, you may even believe the thieves but not the relatives. They wait with abetted breath for your final departure from the earth to snatch a share of the wealth. Hence these kind of treasures are always illusory and not lasting. Even if you have immovable properties like house or land, God knows who will lay his hand upon these by hook or crook. In India, innocent people have lost their hard earned money invested in lands and properties to crooks who simply transfer the property in their name or sell it in a cool manner. Yes, the land laws are not binding upon any. I have read through the newspapers several valuable properties snatched from the genuine owners, faking the original documentation.

So, the treasure i talk about is 'spiritual treasure lying within each person, untapped through many a births. Yes, every one of us has a treasure trove to last for eternity. This is the most valuable treasure one can lay his hands on! It can not be robbed away by thieves or income tax department. First of all, they never knew about this hidden treasure and its real value. They deal with paper currencies and buildings constructed with mud and mortar. Many agnostics may rise their brow for the mention of treasure within oneself. It is not a phantom but real treasure, every one can access by following certain simple disciplines. Few saints and sages have revealed about this valuable treasure lying within each one of us.It is neither diamond, platinum or gold which we consider as the most valuable things in the world. Nobody can value this treasure except the owner of the greatest treasure!

Some of the readers of my hub might have got a clue about what i am talking about! It is the treasure of SELF or ATMA and even called as God by many! The indweller in each body is called the Self or Atma of the individual. For instance, air is everywhere. All the living beings breath the air which is common for the entire world. There is no territorial jurisdictions or boundaries for the element "air". Nowadays, we often hear about 'air pollution' and the diseases caused by it. Likewise, the Atma or Self is universal phenomenon and it is only ONE. As fishes swim through and live in water, we all live in Atma. This implies that we are surrounded by Atma or Self and naturally we have the self within us also. The bodies are illusory separations. We are all pervaded and transcended by the Atma or Self or God. The correct version of Truth is "In God, we reside and not the other way. How a small thing can contain a large thing? Hence it is correct to state that we are part of the Atma or Self or God!

When i talk that God is the indweller of every being, it is really conveying the Truth, that God pervade the world and transcend it. How can we assert that the fish contain water? It is absurd. We should say that fishes are living in water. Likewise all the beings are in the Self or Atma or God. In the famous song, Bagawat Geeta, Lord Krishna reveals his all embracing form or all containing form as "Viswarupa". Arjuna was aghast to view such a grand phenomenon. But he was terribly afraid to view the dissolution of created beings in the huge form of Lord! He could not contain his fear when thousands and thousands go back into the mouth of the Lord. It was a gory scene to view and hence Arjuna request the Lord to show his own form of sweet Krishna which is a pleasure to watch. Whether we believe or not, the Truth remains as Truth! But one great thing is 'merging back in the Lord'. By merging, we acquire those inexhaustible treasures of the Lord known as "Ever existing, all knowing and eternal bliss of the Lord. We are all mortals in the body level but the Lord or the Self is immortal. The Self is never created by any one! It was ever existing! We pride ourselves as learned when we acquire few degrees in a particular subject and in a particular branch specializing in particular theme! This makes us clearly ignorant of other branches of the same subject. How can we consider ourselves as learned. The one who is full of wisdom and knowledge is God. When we merge in him, we too acquire the status of the Divine who live in Eternal Bliss. Why should we break our head for the temporary fleeting pleasures of the world? Why should we take medicines to keep us always in good health. The simple way is to become one with the Self.

One small example. All the rivers in the world, loose their form, taste and name when they merge back in the Ocean. Is it not? Then they become ocean and they loose their individual taste, form or name like Nile or Amazon! Hence the treasure is truly within our reach. Merge in the Self and become the Self! How? Move on relentlessly to reach the source as the rivers rush towards the Ocean! This one pointed focus and faith will take us there through chanting, meditation and service to the society in which we are born! Acquire the treasure within!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 4 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank You PositronWildhawk for the nice comments. Philosophy contains very nice Truths and i would like all to study nice philosophical texts and enjoy!

    • PositronWildhawk profile image

      PositronWildhawk 4 years ago from London

      Very interesting - material vs spiritual treasure has always intrigued me, but despite what you say I think the greed for wealth will just continue to grow as the world continues to develop. Anyway thank you for sharing some of your culture and beliefs with us. Voted up.